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11x16 Receiver Cooler Rack
ITEM CODE: RIGL18008,   SKU: RIGL18008


Good Rack

Purchased this rack approximately 3 years ago, use it every day. This rack is light weight and steady. No problems at all. Good rack....
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Vertical Receiver Style Trailer Hitch for GL1800 1st Gen
ITEM CODE: AO451806,   SKU: AO451806


Love It

I installed this vertical trailer hitch with the help of a friend. The main tool I needed was an alignment bar. As stated by other installers do not tighten any bolts until the hitch is completely on. I truly enjoy this hitch.
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Enhanced TireGard TPMS 2 Wheel + Trailer
ITEM CODE: BB13317A,   SKU: BB13317A


Piece of crap

I purchased this monitor March 8, 2012. I noticed the design of the sensors was great but the monitor was cheaply made. The casing of the monitor was not well put together and the battery cover did not close tightly. The item came with a plastic cover, witch improve the outer appearance of the monitor. The manual states the monitor is not water proof. I had this monitor less than six weeks and the digital display stopped working. I called Wing stuff and was informed to call the manufacturer. I called the manufacturer and spoke with Marshal on Monday, April 23, 2012. She asked me numerous questions concerning the monitor. She asked did I drop it, "No" I replied. She asked did it get wet. I said yes. It rain on it. I had placed the monitor on my key chain with the supplied key chain holder. I was informed she would call me back. Mrs. Marshall called me back the following day and basically said because of my negligent I would have to pay for a new monitor at a cost of $125.00. I said no....The manual did not state the monitor was not water resistant it stated it was not water proof. There is a difference....
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LED Clear Lense Trunk Spoiler Run/Brake/Flashing


5 Stars

I have to write this retraction. My earlier commit was wrong. I double checked the connections and noticed the running light connection was not connected correctly. This product is a five star, worth every pennie.
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LED Clear Lense Trunk Spoiler Run/Brake/Flashing


3 Stars

Installed this product over a month ago, in my 07 wing, with no problem. Everything worked great until one morning I started my wing and noticed the spoiler lights were not working, the lights did not come on. I mean nothing was on. All the lights on the wing worked okay, but the spoiler's running, turn signal, and brake lights did not work. I tapped the spoiler a couple of time and the lights started working. I know I connected everything correctly and the lights worked fine for a month and I ride my wing everyday. Have anyone else experience this same problem? Is there a shortage? Is there a defect in this product?
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Utopia Driver Backrest for GL1800 2001-2017


5 Stars

I love this product, one of the best add on I placed on my 07 Wing. If I purchase a new Wing, the first thing I would do is place this product on it. Very easy to install. Took me approximately 35 minutes.
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