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Wings since 1975. I’m a multiple offender for Honda’s.
2018 Pearl White Tour Manual
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Aero Flip-Out Highway Pegs for 2018 Honda Gold Wing


4 Stars

After posting the last review, and posting the same review on the Rivco website, Wingstuff reached out to me directly and also contacted Rivco on my behalf. Product was under warranty and Rivco offered to replace at no cost, just return and they would ship replacements. Thankfully, I said no, and requested shipment prior to return. They agreed, and I then got a reply that they were back ordered. Just now received the new items and they look good. We will see if they also start to chip in the painted hinge area. I sure hope not. 5 Stars for Wingstuff support. VERY attentive. 4 Stars for Rivco, only due to late on the uptake, back ordered, and original requirement to first return the defective part, which would have left me without pegs and required disassembly once to return and again to reinstall. I still think they should redesign to provide an anodized aluminum model, like they have for pre-2018 Wings.
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Aero Flip-Out Highway Pegs for 2018 Honda Gold Wing


1 Star

After paying $350 for these in black for my 2018 Wing, the finish is now flaking off at the hinge point, both pegs. Less than one year old and no, the bike has never been down, and it is garaged unless on the road. I would have preferred the old style anodized aluminum, which I think would have looked better but they were only available in black or chrome. I would post a foto but I can’t seem to paste one in the review. I do not recommend them for price or quality.
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Cycle Cover (Black) for 2018 Gold Wing Tour


3 Stars

I purchased this Honda full cover along with the bike. It is very heavy duty and bulky. Thus it is not a good cover for taking on a trip. Stuffed in the trunk it would take up nearly all of the space. Also, being bulky it is not easy to install on the bike. And what is it with black covers? They soak up sun, get warm and fade if used daily to cover outdoors. It would be a good choice for winter storage in the garage but I live in Florida. It is made of high quality material and the strap is well thought out. Nice storage pouch but it stores flat not stuffed. I fear I’ll never figure out how to fold it back up to fit. Doing it over I would save $110 and get the Ultraguard half cover. It’s grey, lightweight and perfect for trips. My last one lasted 10 years.
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5 Stars

Harry’s shortcut install was simple and easy. I’m 5’11” with 33” inseam. They are darn near perfect for reach and comfort. I also did the Rivco highway pegs and together these products made a recent 400 mile day much more comfortable. Next step is to decide what to do about the TERRIBLE stock seat. I’m leaning towards WingSoft’s mod. Price for handlebar mod is very fair IMHO.

Highly recommend both products.
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Momentum Vagabond Bag
ITEM CODE: KU5285,   SKU: KU5285


5 Stars

I’ve been looking for a travel bag that works for my new Tour Manual. I previously used an Ultraguard rack mounted bag on my OldWings. I opted for no trunk rack this time because I thought it looked ugly and was too shallow for the Ultragaurd. Also, the Ultraguard is too large to mount behind the backrest. I hesitated for a long time on the Vagabond, wondering if it would fit behind my Honda backrest. The other issue was if it could be secured without modification to my passenger grab rails. I really didn’t want to purchase and then return due to fitment issues.

I was at Daytona and stopped by Kury’s tent and tried it on for size. Success! It fits perfectly, and with a bit of ingenuity it secures well. They provide many types of straps, and the attach/detach procedure is very simple and secure without modification to the bike. I could have saved $30 purchasing thru Wingstuff, but “Gotta have it now” bit me hard. It worked perfectly for the 200 mile ride home.

Highly recommend.
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