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Central, NJ, US,




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Consultant Now - Ret. Sheriff Deputy

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Red 2004 Honda VTX1300

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Red 2008 Honda Goldwing GL1800 ABS

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Rick’s Reviews Episode 11: LST Horizon Heli Bars

To see the adjustability of the bars check out this video by the owner/designer.. He installed mine and although I am handy and do my own work on the bike, I paid to have him install them because of our time constraints. He showed me what he did and how he did it, so again, if you are handy with a wrench you can probably do this. As a VIP member you will pay less than I did directly from the manufacturer. In hindsight I would have purchased here and installed my self, knowing what I know now, but hindsight is always 20/20 as they say.



Rick’s Reviews Episode 11: LST Horizon Heli Bars

I have these Heli-Bars. I had them mounted two years ago on a trip to Maine, we stopped in Cornish and the owner/designer of the bars actually installed them on my bike. The install took about a hour and a half if I remember correctly and I didn't stay to watch. Yes you can mount items to the center bar, I have my heated gear controller there in cold weather plus a drink holder. I immediately felt more comfortable on the bike, I was able to adjust the angle of the hand grip up and down, and forward and back! You also can adjust both grips in unison up & down height wise! The adjustability is unbelievable! The quality is top notch and it looks great. It does tighten up the front end some, but I still have some of the very low speed wobble, once I switch out the bearings for the front end to tapered ones, I believe that will stop. On this trip, I really had the bike overloaded and the change in handling was dramatic for me because of these bars. I can't tell you how much I feel that Honda should put these on every Wing!! I'm 6' tall, 200lbs and I found my sweet spot. These were worth every penny I spent on them!

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Tridium LED Fog/Running/Driving Light Kit for F6B, GL1800


5 Stars

I got these lights in January and with the warm winter weather we'd been having, I was able to install them right away. After several rides with them, I like them a lot. I especially like the blinker feature. They are stylish, functional, work great, bright, and fit great. Since I had an 08 GL1800 I had to get the newer cowl and I couldn't be happier. If you have to change out your fog lights, mine were broken by stones, these are the ones to get. Install was easy and fairly quick, about an hour give or take.
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LST Horizon HeliBars for GL1800 & F6B


5 Stars

I had these bars installed by Helibars up at their location in Cornish, ME just 3 weeks ago and I immediately noticed the difference. I had the bike fully loaded along with both me & my wife, all the saddlebags were full, the truck was full, we had a full travel bag on the truck rack, and I had a hitch rack with a full travel bag on it with some tools! We were loaded down and on our way up from Central Jersey (358 miles) and believe me when I tell you I felt the huge flex in the stock handlebars on the way up with all that extra weight whenever I hit even a small rut in the road!! After the install, on this trip, we did another 606 miles before we were home again, and the difference was amazing! The flex was reduced to next to nothing (keep in mind we were still loaded to the gills on this trip) and my sitting position was no longer cramped. At 6'0" 195lbs I always felt the standard bars were a bit too low and in for my liking, my other bike, a VTX1300, always felt more comfortable to me and I could more easily handle slow maneuvers and tight turns better with it because of the feel & position of the bars were slightly higher and out..this was always an issue with my Wing until now. With the new position afforded me with the Helibars, both my position is more relaxed and comfortable and my control of the bike is much improved, especially with the ability to handle it at slow speeds! Of all the enhancements on my 2008 Wing I can honestly say that this is by far the most valued one I made, some may say that the bars are pricey, with install the total package was $895.00, but frankly I can't put a price on the added control, safety & confidence I feel with them..... J. Brophy, BKNJIII Ride With Pride
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