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RAM Brake/Clutch Reservoir Mount with Self-Leveling Cup Holder & Cozy
ITEM CODE: TR219149,   SKU: TR219149

As far as mounting, it was easy. When it comes to useful, not so much. If I use the included cozy with bottles of water, it works fine, but if I try and use a 30 oz tumbler like a Yeti, the holder wants to flip over as the cup is too tall and heavy and the base is too small to be held firmly in the holder. When I tried a 20 oz tumbler, it is too small to be held firmly in the holder and sloshes around. Unless you have a lid that fits tight it will spill all over. I am also afraid the cup will bounce out when I hit bumps. The holder is made to fit a specific cup and I wish it were smaller.
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Ergo II Highway Peg w/Mini Arms
ITEM CODE: KU4073,   SKU: KU4073

I ordered the Ergo II with the Mini Arms because I am 6'3. When the box came, the cover showed the mini-arms with the pegs. When I opened the box, I found that the arms were the 6" long arms??? I called Wingstuff and they said that they all ship with the long arms now. WHat? I explained that I ordered the short arms for a reason and they agreed to send me the short arms, and also emailed me a RMA for the long arms. Why advertise a kit with the short arms if you ship the long ones in it? Now I have to wait an extra week (hopefully only a week) to do my installation. Not cool. Ship what you advertise.
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