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Inferno Heated Grips w/E-Z Controller
ITEM CODE: BB17961,   SKU: BB17961

These heated grips add a nice bit of comfort to cool and cold weather rides. They heat up fast. Just be aware that the glue that is included might be hardened up already. I used my own CA glue which did not want to bond to the steel on the left handle bar, even after sanding it. It loosened up while putting the bike on the center stand and I had to ride home with a loose grip. I ended up using gorilla glue. The picture shows a mount for the control, however it was not in the package. I emailed Big Bike parts and they sent me a handlebar mount for the control so I could mount it on my Texelent accessory bar.
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10 Pack of Crush Washers

After using the original crush washer for 15 years, these washers were a no brainer to order and get a new one installed. Everyone should have a supply.
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5-pc Assorted Grommet Kit
ITEM CODE: BB52691,   SKU: BB52691

I tried to replace a missing slotted grommet on the side cover closest to the engine on my 1500 and they are too tall. I had to cut down the back side to shorten the slotted sections length to make them fit. The oval ones seemed fine. They are a harder rubber compound than the OEMs.
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Saddlebag Cubby Net Set
ITEM CODE: BBH15406,   SKU: BBH15406

I thought I'd be using these for a long trip I took in Sept of 2016. Unfortunately I had to remove them before leaving after loading my full saddlebag liner bags. There is no space left in the saddlebags once the bags are loaded. For day trips or commuting they work great for keep extra gloves or a half cover off the floor of the saddlebags. Easy to access items in the nets.
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