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Orange 2017 Honda GL1800

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Charcoal Grey 2010 Honda GL1800

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Trunk & Saddlebag Organizer Combo for GL1800 1st Gen
ITEM CODE: WS180012,   SKU: WS180012

The trunk organizer fit well and was easy to install. However... With a small rag and the small owner's manual in the two central pockets, I could not close the trunk lid with my Shoei modular helmet in the trunk When I took out the rag and the manual, the trunk lid would close with more pressure than I was comfortable with. It didn't matter if the helmet was upright or on it's side, the trunk lid barely closed Disappointed because it was just what I was looking for. I ended up buying similar saddlebag organizers off of ebay because WingStuff didn't have them in stock for the 2017 Wing Customer service wise, I got a quick response from the Return Department and they will be shipped back tomorrow
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ITEM: AO451810EU

Installed this on my 2010 GL1800, to replace the six inch rubber antenna that came with the bike earlier this yearGranted, we live in a somewhat rural area (no cell phone reception and only satellite internet).I saw little to no improvement in my stereo or satellite radio reception. Afraid I may need to spend the money on an OEM replacement antenna
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