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Chrome Radio Knob Set for GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52709,   SKU: BB52709


5 Stars

When you pull off the old knob, the D clip is retained on the radio shaft and it is very hard to see. I finally found them and removed them by using a piece of Kleenex to pinch into the hole around the knob shaft. You will pull straight up and have the small D clip. Be careful!! If you drop it, your screwed! To put into the hole on the new chrome knob, I went inside, used a very small pair of pliers and gripped the D clip, oriented properly to the hole, and pushed down. Had the knob on a hard surface on top of a note pad, so as to not scratch the chrome. Then used the curve of the plier head to push the clip the rest of the way in...they fit very tightly. Once flush in the knob, then take the chrome knob to the bike, orient properly and push on..when you feel it is partially on, take the notebook again, place on top of the knob and gently tap a few times with a small ball peen hammer...any small hammer will do...just enough to finish the seating. It took me several trys to locate those darned clips as they are black! And I dropped one but thankfully found it on the carpet I had placed under the bike!

Once I knew the procedure the second knob went on in under 2 minutes but that first one took more than 30 minutes...Anywho they are on and they look great. I gave a five star rating because they work and look nice, but if the seller had not helped me with some correspondence, I might have sent them back due to frustration of not finding the clips at first!

Hope my explanation helps another biker out there!
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