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Elizabethtown, KY, US, 42701




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HVAC-R Commercial/Industrial Technician

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Red 2013 Honda F6B

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Red N Whire 2000 Honda Valkyrie

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Black 2019 Honda Goldwing DCT Tour

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Ultimate Ride Air Suspension Kit w/Black Switch
ITEM CODE: AYMC-2912,   SKU: AYMC-2912


Over All Love it

Ok, I bought my set up directly from Arnott several months ago. It's nice to see them here on Wingstuff. Great price too. I paid a little more with a veteran's discount too.

I don't know on a 1-5 star rating where I'd exactly put these. The quality of the components is high. The directions are pretty straight forward. The only thing I would like different would be a preference for braided air lines. The plastic air lines are functional, but I would feel more secure if they were braided. The only other thing that needs mentioning is the compressor location. I installed the kit on a F6B. I am pretty sure whether it's on a F6B or full Gold Wing , the location is the same. The kit comes with a bracket that mounts the compressor to the left of the rear tire. It's out of the way and discreet. Issue with this location became apparent when I went to replace the rear tire and remove the rear wheel. There is not enough clearance to remove the rear wheel with the compressor in this location. The tire can not get past. My immediate solution was to remove the four small allen head screws that secure the compressor to the bracket. This was a good thing because it was then I found these screws were very loose. These were already installed as the kit came, so anyone getting this kit, make sure you check these 4 screws. It was not a big deal removing the 4 screws, but never the less, it is an extra complication with the system installed as directed. The other option would've been to unbolt the bracket which bolt under the battery tray. That would be a pain.

Okay outside of the things I mentioned, I have been very happy with the performance. I don't have any experience with any other aftermarket shock for the Gold Wing/ F6B so I can't compare. However, compared to stock, it gives a much more plush ride. I also have increased ground clearance at the touch of a button. When I am riding aggressively in the twisties , I just add more air while riding down the road. The same goes when riding 2 up vs 1 up. I added a digital air pressure gauge to my set up that allows me to know where the pressure is and have a reference for what pressure works best for the situation. I really am enjoying this enhancement.
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