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Passenger Push to Talk Control
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PTT wraps around the GL1800 passenger grab rail on either side. It can be mounted on the top, the bottom, the side in virtually any position from the front to the back. Velcro strap with neoprene strip on the bottom to prevent the unit from sliding or spinning on the grab rail.

Note: Only works with CB Radio (not with the intercom).


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Gadsden, AL

Had ours just over a year and still going strong. As simple of a switch as it gets. Plug it in. That's it. Eventually we will upgrade to the J&M with p.t.t./on-off/volume control when we get the CB radio, but that is a few dollars down the road.

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Flower Mound, TX

Was looking at the other options… all over $100. Figured for $30… why not. It works great. No volume control like the $100 options, but save $70! There are NO instructions. (Unless mine were missing) However, it couldn’t be easier to install. Pull the seat and find the plug. There are two plugs under the seat that fit… one works… one doesn’t. Be sure you try it before you reinstall the seat. (4 stars 'cause NO instructions)

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Ionia, MI

Nice feature to have if you have your wife or passenger with you.. That way she can chat on the cb as well and can turn her volume down if you like it loud..

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