Z-Style Required Lower Headset Hook Up Cords


Z-Style Required Lower Headset Hook Up Cords
$59.99 to $74.99
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J&M Z-Style Required Lower Helmet Headset Hook-Up Cords for Elite Style Headsets such as HS-ECD584, HS-ICD584, HS-ECD477, HS-ICD477, HS-ECD374, HS-ECD271 and HS-ECD269 J M Headsets. Select from drop down!

Can Am Spyder needs JMHCZVT

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Screwed over PARTS

Bought a headset thinking it came "COMPLETE" but has no LOWER CORD so now I have to BUY A LOWER CORD. I just hope that they send me the right cord, because of the ONCE OPENED NO RETURN POLICY.
I hate buying PART BY PART because you end up with the WRONG part and it is YOURS/ONCE OPENED.

There should be a POLICY in Place that if NOT A COMPLETE PURCHASE a LIST OF PARTS should be recommended, so ONE can complete the project not PIECE BY PIECE to get additional shipping charges.

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Kokomo , IN
Works as Advertised

As a cord, it does what it is supposed to do... Quality is very good, a snug fit, and it firmly connects... Pricey and maybe it should be included with the 787 or whatever headset you buy... But separate cords do allow you to use your helmet and headset on different bikes. After considering everything- the headset price, plus the cord price- it is all still very much cheaper than buying them thru a local dealership...

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Ramat Gan, IL
Bad bad bad

I got my headphones and this Z cable.
The headphones are defective but let's leave it for now.

The Z cable is defective too. Its not working properly and only one side has sound. If I bend the cable at the end of it then the sound is heard on both sides but still the sound quality is bad.
Their customer support is very disappointing because My case is open for almost 3 weeks since I wrote them !!!

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lexington, KY
Need to know

I have a 1800 gold wing 2010 do I need the z cable ? And I bought the back control for the CB and can talk to me not the CB on my 3 one all doing the same

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Eagar , AZ
Z style lower headset cord

Yes, it is a little spendy, but it works great! Cord is fiber optic so that may have something to do with the seemingly ridiculous price. We all paid a lot for our "Wings" so nothing but the best for me.

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