Bridgestone Tire COMBO for 2018+ Gold Wing G852/G853


Bridgestone Tire COMBO for 2018+ Gold Wing G852/G853
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Designed in conjunction with Honda, specifically for the 2018 Gold Wing. OEM on the new generation of Honda Gold Wing. Unidirectional pattern for reliable performance on dry and wet roads. The tread compound maximizes traction and mileage.

COMBO Includes:

1 - FRONT Bridgestone Exedra G853 Radial 130/70-R18 63H

1 - REAR Bridgestone Exedra G852 Radial 200/55-R16 77H



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Nampa, ID
We will see??

Starting out with a 5 star review. My 2018 Goldwing Tour had the other tires that came stock on these bikes. I did get over 11000 miles on them. Pretty aggressive riding on the weekends, 2 thousand mile trips, and a 2500 mile trip. rest is commuting. The 5 stars is for the fact that when I get on my bike on the cool mornings 20-30 the tpms does not seem to come on. I have put over 1000 on these tires. Half of that 1000 was in pouring rain. Speeds 80 and above 1 hour of mountain curves never felt like I lost any grip. For the price of these tires with the rebate, I figured I would give them a try.

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Performance 5 Stars, Longevity 3 Stars

These tires came stock on my 2018 Honda Goldwing Tour DCT. For a stock tire, I was pleasantly amazed at the performance of these tires. They have treated me very well in the dry and wet. The front tire wants to grab the traction groves in the highway concrete at times, but still handle very good. I’ve never had an instance where I thought I was loosing traction while breaking, however I also operated in Rain mode when the roads were wet. Cornering in the wet felt stable giving me confidence in the tire.

What I’m disappointed about is the lack of mileage I’ve gotten from these tires. Bike was purchased brand new with zero miles on it on August 21, 2018. In 8 months time (17 April 2019) I put 9,991 miles on the odometer, original tires, and I only have 3/32” of tread left. I ride conservatively to moderate to aggressive, but most often pretty conservative. I’m located in San Diego, California where the average temperature has been between 40-85* Fahrenheit since I got the bike. My longest trips have been from San Diego to Phoenix, Arizona and back twice, from San Diego to Armagosa Valley, Nevada and back once, and from San Diego to Pismo Beach,California and back. The rest of the mileage is commuting. So needless to say, for a stock tire on a luxury touring machine as the goldwing, I’m utterly disappointed with the tread life of this tire.

Would I buy this tire again? Well since this is one of only two sets of tires available for the 2018+ Goldwing, I don’t have much of a choice other than switching over to the Dark Side, which I’m heavily researching now.

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Great tires, very good long term wear, very good handling.

I own a 2018 Yamaha Star Venture Transcontinental that comes with this Bridgestone tire combination from the factory.

I currently have 18,308 miles on the motorcycle. I replaced the factory rear tire at 3,291 miles because of a screw in the rear tire. I have 15,017 miles on the replacement rear tire. I had a problem of every time I went to the dealer they would find a screw or nail in the rear tire. The second tire only had 700 miles on it when it was at the dealer. To make a long story short I am sure the screws and nails were being punched into the rear tire by the service personnel in the shop as I have no issues with screws or nails in the rear tire unless it goes to that dealer.

On to the tires, I plugged the second tire and it has not leaked at all, I know some will say my motorcycle is going to explode riding down the road because I plugged the tire but it has been fine.

These tires handle very well, I have not had any issues with handling in the dry or the wet. Wear is very good, the front tire has a full 18,308 miles on it and the rear tire has 15,017 miles on it and still have 4/32's tread on the rear tire. I have confidence these tires can go 20,000 miles before you would have to replace the rear tire.

The Yamaha Star Venture Transcontinental is a heavy motorcycle that weighs 963 pounds so that says a lot about how durable and good these tires are. Performance wise the Yamaha Star Venture 1854cc V-Twin out preforms my 1989 GL1500 Goldwing, 2013 Victory Cross Country Tour and 2016 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited.

Ride comfort is very good with these Bridgestone tires as well, overall I don't think you can find a better tire for these big touring motorcycles. If not for having the rear tire plugged I would run the rear tire farther.

I highly recommend these Bridgestone G852/G853 tires.

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