Universal Electronic Fuse Block

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Universal Electronic Fuse Block
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Delivering a game changer in the standard for electrical accessory connections on motorcycles with their Electronic Fuse Block. Designed with eleven terminal tie-in points that are electronically protected by nine separate relays and fuses. This fuse block is a compact 1 1/8’’ x 2 ¾’’ x 3 ¾’’ which conveniently mounts to your Wing’s battery, eliminating any other direct battery connection needs and making accessory connection a snap. The Goldwing’s electrical system is protected by a20 amp fuse and separate 30 amp relay to isolate all your electrical accessories from the bike’s electrical system. Includes 3 keyed power connections, 2 always on power connections protected by a combo of 5 and 10 amp fuses. Separate left and right turn-signal connection terminals, 2 running light and 2 brake light terminal blocks, all protected by four 8 amp 277 volt automatic switch relays for complete isolation. This universal wiring accessory is a no-brainer when adding electrical items to modern day electronic oriented bikes.

ELECTRONICALLY ISOLATED, Accessory Fuse Block, 12 Volt Circuit Breakers, Aux Lighting - Universal 

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Newman, CA
Rolling Eyes leds

the hot and groubd wires on the re controller are at least 14 ga way too large for the tiny connection points on this fuse block. 18ga is about the largest it will take.
connections are not very secure. screw heads are micro, slotted and straight.

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