Flare Windshield For GL1800

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Flare Windshield For GL1800
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Klock Werks Flare Windshield For Honda GoldWing GL1800

This windshield has been wind-tunnel tested and has proven performance that reduces annoying wind buffeting. It also adds stability to the front of the motorcycle by generating down-force at speed. It is made from .177" thick dual-side hard-coated polycarbonate for durability.

Flare For Honda Gold Wing is pre-drilled for installation using stock mounting locations and hardware. Vented Flare™ options do not include vent - stock vent installs in opening. Flare™ maintains the stock windshield adjustability.


  • Wind-tunnel tested and proven performance
  • Reduces annoying wind buffeting
  • Adds stability to the front of the motorcycle by generating downforce at speed
  • Made from Dual Side hard-coated polycarbonate
  • Honda Gl1800 Goldwing applications retain factory height adjustment and are available in vented or non-vented versions as listed
  • All styles installed using OEM hardware
  • Made in the USA

9 Member Reviews

Canby, OR
Pretty Darn Good

I bought this windshield for my 2004 GL1800a, First I started with the windshield all the way down and noticed a lot less pressure on my shoulders,Still a bit of wind on my face and buffeting. Then I put the windshield all the way up there was much less wand and buffeting, also a lot less air on my hands and legs. After 40 mins in the up position I lowered the windshield back to all the way down and was very happy with the air movement. Bottom line: If you don't want any wind on you when you ride then why ride?

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Dover, DE
Blast from the past

I bought both short and tall. I bought the short at Daytona 2017 and rode up to Charleston,SC. Iwas lucky enough to get caught in the rain and that's were i noticed this short was not for me. All the rain funneled right to my hands, which made for an uncomfortable ride. Get home ordered straight from Klock and purchased the tall. Wife and I enjoyed it over the summer but she complained about the buffing. So swapped back to the stock and she was happier. Like some reviewers, if you want the sportier look then yes and awesome windshield. klock Werks products are amazing, but it wasn't for me

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Saint Cloud, FL
Not worth the money

I bought the 16-20 vented. Looking over the shield is great, and the buffeting is not too bad, but as stated before the wind from the side with this shield is unacceptable. This is one of the most expensive shields out there. Save your money on this one or invest in lots of earplugs if you do decide to get the klockwerks. Super loud ride. Only got two stars and not one because the turbulence is OK, but not great.

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After 2 others, this is the one

We tried 2 other windshields for my wife's F6B. Like Goldie Locks and the 3 bears, the first was too tall and she didn't like looking thru it (especially in the rain). The 2nd was short enough, but it was buffeting her head all over.
This one is just right. She can easily see over the top and with the deflection, there is no buffeting.

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Tried the shortest one as demo.Looking for a way to keep wind off of passenger.May still need wind deflecters with this shield.If you ride with out a helmet as a solo it's great.May just be my helmet.I will be getting the 16 to 20 in the future.I really likes the looks of the shield on my yellow wing.

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  • GL1800 2001-2017
  • GL1800 Trike 2001-2017