7-LED Muth Turn Signal Mirrors for GL1800

Muth Mirrors

7-LED Muth Turn Signal Mirrors for GL1800
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Introducing Signal Mirrors for any year GL1800 Honda Gold Wing motorcycle. Turn Signal Mirror Set offers added safety to your bike and looks better than stock glass. Muth Turn Signal Mirror Systems allows the glass to be replaced in the mirror housing. Kit includes one each left and right hand Signal Mirror, a wiring kit and installation instructions. Available for 2012 models.

NOTE: If ordering mirrors with amber LEDs please allow 2-3 extra days for delivery. Thank you.

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Rick & Joanie
Wesley Chapel, FL
What a great mirror!

At first, we went cheap----bought the Kuryakyn LED turn signal Mirror Lights and thought that they would work well, and let drivers behind you have another light showing them that you are planning to turn. Once we got out onto the highway, it was very noticeable that you have a constricted amount of space that you can turn the mirrors out into since they took up the space.
Honda should just place this type of mirror onto the bike in the first place. They are just like having the stock mirrors in place, just that you have the 7 LED red lights present too. Went with the red, since that is how the majority of mirrors on cars/trucks are---and don't want to flip out someone behind you with something new to distract them.

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Saskatoon, CA
Safety First

The blue tinted signal light mirrors are a must. The blue tint really reduces glare. Alerting drivers coming up from behind of a turn is a safety feature that every driver should have. These mirrors are an easy install. It would be nice if an individual could purchase individual mirrors as I had a five light blue tinted mirror broken when hit by a flying turkey outside Spokane.

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Brainerd, MN

Great addition,easy install.

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thanks to Mark at Wing Stuff and Dana at Muth/Doran mfg. the left mirror was replaced and it works great. I am very happy with these mirrors and would recommend to any one.

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Hollister, CA
New Improved 7 LED. FANTASTIC

Ok, so back in 2012 I ordered the first generation of the 7 LED mirror,many was not happy. Both Wingstuff and Muth reacted extremely well at that time and exchanged the 7 LED for the better,,at that time, 5 LED mirror. I wrote a very long email to Muth at that time explaining why I was not happy with the 7 LED mirror. Simply stated, the original,7 LED mirror lights could not be seen very well.

I recently totaled my 08 Wing and have sine purchased another Wing. (Wingstuff should love me with the thousands of $$$$. I have spent!). I had the 5 LED mirrors on the old Wing and when I totaled it I found that Muth no longer offered them, and that they had updated the 7 LED mirror with larger, and brighter 7 LED mirror. I had no idea how good they were and had decided I would not,add them based on my previous experience back in 2012. I just didn't feel that they would be worth the money.

This past weekend my wife and two other friends were on a short ride. We headed up a very windy, steep mountain road that we have been on a hundred + times. We were riding in a standard staggered formation. I was riding as tail gunner and my wife, also on a Wing, was just,ahead of me to the right side of the lane. As we came around a 30 MPH curve, traffic,ahead was,at,a,complete stop. Everybody stopped OK, however, the road was banked heavily,to the right, and my wife, after,about 30 seconds just could not hold up her Wing and it fell to her right. Ops, right mirror broken and housing scratched. So, I ordered the new, IMPROVED DRAMATICALLY, MUTH 7 LED mirrors for her bike.

They really are FANTASTIC! The new 7 LED's are at least as big if not bigger that the old 5 LED mirror. Plus, there are 7 LED's! Big plus!

Great job MUTH! Wingstuff, you have my permission to remove my one star rating from 2012! I would give the new 7 LED mirror 10 stars if possible!

Oh, and yeah, I will now be ordering another set for my replacement Wing! More money for Wingstuff!

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