Adjustable 17"-25" Windshield for GL1800


Adjustable 17"-25" Windshield for GL1800
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DOT Approved Adjustable Height Motorcycle Windshield. Adjusts from 17" to 25" without the use of tools. Measurement is taken in the center of the shield from bottom to top. Together with the 4.5" of adjustment you receive from the Goldwing design you receive over 12" of total adjustment. Made from 3/16” Aircraft Grade Lucite® acrylic, which is the industry's leader in clarity and quality. Made .052” thicker than the OEM windshield offering increased strength Surface scratches in windshield can be removed with commercial cleaners and polishes.

  • Height: Adjustable from 17” to 25"
  • Bottom Color: Smoke Gray
  • Top Color: Clear
  • Weight: 7lbs
  • Fits: 2001-2010 & 2012 GL1800 Models
  • Patent Pending

11 Member Reviews

Rick & Joanie
Wesley Chapel, FL
Love this shield

Threw the dice on this one, putting it on the bike just before taking off for a 12,500 mile trip to Alaska. LOVE IT!!! Able to flip the top down for more air, and flip it up when going through the rain or wind. The top of the upper shield is just right for the eyesight. Definitely will always have this shield on the bike. Sorry to hear the problems that others have had with it.

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Sisters, OR

Broke one of the wellnuts. I did it and asked if they'd send me another one. No dice had to buy the $20 hardware kit. I love the windshield but not their customer service. Poop

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Southborough, MA
Be careful, the bagger shield can come free on bumpy roads

I was driving down the interstate and the quick release thumb screws which have rubber cap came free at 65 mph when I hit a bump and nearly caused me to wreck. People will think, the guy just did not tighten the thumb screws, but I used pliers and an Allen wrench to tighten them. These should not have popped out. I emailed the manufacturer a couple times to get new thumb screws and never heard back. I used rubber washers and black iodized cap screws and the shield has stayed locked in place. Just be careful if you buy the bagger shield to secure it with cap heads or it could hit you in your full face shield. If I were not wearing a helmet (as is allowed in many of the states I ride) I would have been a road pizza. I always wear all the gear all the time and this time it paid off big time.

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Burnet, TX
Baggershield is awsome

Was a little apprehensive about buying this windshield, but it is perfect! Just enough wind! might be cold in freezing weather, but for the versatility I would say it is perfect! I got the Hopnel tripple bag that attaches to the three windshield screws, and it adds so much usable space for cell phones, and glasses, and other stuff, and it is easy t get to while moving! All in all, I love this one!

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Mario A.
Cambria Heights, NY
Nice shield.

At first I was nervous about this windshield. I just installed it the other day and I love it! It give the Wing a whole different look. I love that you can add the top half if you don't want all the wind in your face. Riding a Wing takes some getting used to having so much wind in your face. Very nicely made, very sporty, I love it!!

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