Chrome Clutch Side LED Switch Block

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Chrome Clutch Side LED Switch Block
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Chrome Clutch Side Switch Block with 3-rocker style switches has Bright LEDs in each indicating when an accessory is active. Great for wiring lights and other accessories.

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Scranton, PA

I had this installed by dealer on my 2012 Goldwing. I ordered it because it says CHROME, yet the top of the switch block, uses the OEM clutch reservoir cover which is BLACK. It makes NO sense, and I had to order chrome tops for it. Rodney at Wingstuff is VERY helpful and knowledgeable, and has been great to work with, since I ordered ALOT of stuff! Thanks Rod!! But, why in the world you would make a chrome switch body and use a black top is beyond my imagination, - it looked stupid...but that's MY opinion. So product gets 3 stars, because of my time and more money spent correcting it's appearance! Otherwise it works great & looks ALOT better with the chrome top I ordered too!

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