Trailer Hitch Rack & Rack Bag Combo

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Trailer Hitch Rack & Rack Bag Combo
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A great new combo of Rivco products available for the first time. Get the Quick Detach Trailer Hitch Rack, Waterproof Rack Bag, and Rack Bag Dowel Lock Rods all for one great low price. These are products that have been proven on their own individually, and now they come to you, together in one amazing deal. Will fit any existing trailer hitch with a hitch ball.

Quick Detach Trailer Hitch Rack - Lightweight aluminum luggage rack bolts to your trailer hitch tongue. Measures 11" x 16". While it is strong enough to hold a 200 lb person, it is rated at a maximum of 35 lbs capacity due to handling & cornering performance.

Waterproof Rack Bag - Specifically for use with our 11" x 16" quick detach hitch rack. Heavy-duty water-resistant nylon & measures 11" x 16" x 12". Gives you 35% more storage. Zippered outer storage on 3 sides, carry handles, detachable shoulder strap, & hidden stretch-fit water & dust proof cover. Slots in the bottom allow it to be locked to the rack using the locking rods.

Locking Rods - Made for use only with Rivco quick detach racks and Rivco Rack bag. Allows you to secure RIVCO Rack Bag to the rack. The bag can be installed or removed in seconds. You'll have easy access to all compartments without having to remove bungees. Keyed locks not included, but there is a hole at the center of the locking plate where you can insert a padlock. See Installation Instructions for more info.

NOTE - Motorcycle must have a trailer hitch for this to attach

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James A.
Bayonne, NJ
Trailer Hitch Rack & Rack Bag Combo

This Rivco product goes great with the Rivco rack. stands up to the weather, while holding all your luggage. No bungee cords need with the locking rods, that will hold bag to the rack securely. Used it many times to and from many long distance trips.

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London, CA
Trailer Hitch Rack and Rack Bag Combo

Delivery to Ontario Canada took 12 days, pretty good!
Not so good was the duty required by Fed Ex, making purchases from Canada ultimately very expensive!

Initial inspection of the rack grid's visually cut too short but I don't see it being a problem.

Bag is large and has clever plastic panels in the side bags to help keep it's shape.

Will be installing on the bike soon.

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Gold Canyon, AZ
Gives us extra days to travel

Purchased back in March of 2016. Took it on several trips where before we couldn't go because of luggage space constraints (wife's junk). Love the idea you can keep all your hotel stuff in this bag and just unlock and carry to the room. As before stated it does block the license plate but I prepared for that in the event I get pulled over by drilling 2 holes in the back rail to mount the license plate in a pinch. But honestly I have had multiple law enforcement behind me and never once been questioned.

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vashon, WA
Good addition to the ride

Well made. Enjoy having it. Blocks the rear plate though...

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Deerfield, IL
Needs modification

Looking at this hitch and bag combination, I would like to offer 2-3 suggestions to improve this product. 1. I think 3-4 buttons can be sewn in for attaching an LED light bar. It could have a light bar with directional signals on booth ends and could be sold w/wo the bag or as is. 2nd. Why not sew in reflector material on the back and both sides for safety? You notice you are covering up the license plate which is a no, no in some states. 3. placing caster wheels and telescopic handle could be more convenient for walking through airports and going to your hotel room. This would be too big to lug around by most people unless you are camping.

With these modifications, I would definitely purchase this item.

Food for thought!

Rob Cowan
Deerfield, IL

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