Kuryakyn Chrome Floorboards w/Heel Shifter


Kuryakyn Chrome Floorboards w/Heel Shifter
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Famous Kuryakyn Chrome Floorboards for the GL1800 Honda Goldwing feature Heel Toe Shifter and Chrome Rear Brake Pedal. This Kuryakyn Gold Wing accessory really adds comfort and looks to your Honda GL1800 motorcycle.

Easily installs and features full length ISO rubber inserts to absorb vibration. Boards fold up for easy maneuvering in tight spaces. These chrome driver floorboards provide more foot room for the rider.

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fort lauderdale, FL
foot pads

we have two Gl1800 gold wing bikes both with foot pads always kept in garage one had foot peddle bubble and chrome separation contacted wing stuff who gave us kuryakyn contact. 3 years on bad set 5 years on good set.
one year warranty only . Some foot pads have issues. we were oferd a 10 % discount which is so close to wing stuff vip value meant nothing. Not sure if Kuryakyn are supporting there product.

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Pandora, OH
My favorite Wing Stuff add on.

I've been a VIP member since June of 2010. The Kuryakyn Chrome Floorboards was one of my first add ons. I have a 2008 Goldwing I bought new and have over 100,000 miles on it. I've put thousands of dollars of add ons and maintenance items all from Wing Stuff. I've been very happy with all my stuff. I've needed help getting stuff on time and they've always helped me out.
Thank you Wing Stuff,
Happy VIP Member and Gold Wing Rider KC

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Instructions need improved for easier install

1. Put both deploy hooks on first if you want them.
2. Brake side deploy hook-could only get one bolt in . Holes did not line up.
3. Deploy hooks are not needed.
4. Black plastic shift knob adapter is in with brake pedal. Go figure.
5. Put chrome knob for toe shifter on before installing floorboard. Had one heck of a time getting screw in because of all the thread lock on it. Had to work lock-tite off the threads to make it go on. Also, had to pick brown stuff out of knob hole to get screw in far enough to seat tightly. Pain in the rump. Just ship a dang tube of Blue lock-tite with the kit.
6. Electrical tape layered on top of shift lever is a terrific idea. Do not skip this step.
7. Good tip. Put screws through mounting holes of floorboard holes by rocking the shift knob before mounting to bike.
8. Careful with kickstand with the floorboard down. It will contact and mark the chrome of the floorboard if completely locked in the up position. Careful.
9. Brake pedal will work perfect if done as instructions state. Line up mark would be at the 9 o’clock position on the spline.

The floorboards look great but for the money the stuff should just be plug and play (not plug and pain). Some of these notes should be added to the installation instructions.

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Princeton, KY
floor boards

My very first set and I've had 5 bikes. Went to the Smokies 2 weeks ago after installing and absolutely love them. Took a little while to get used to the heel and toe shifter but I used the front pegs less than I ever did before.

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Rick G.
Lime Lake, NY
Chrome NOT very good

I purchased these from WingStuff 2 years ago and really like the comfort they give me. Unfortunately I noticed this year that the chrome on the left board was starting to "bubble" up. I called WingStuff and, as usual, they were really great about the problem. Unfortunately the warranty has expired (1 year) but they gave me the number to reach Kuryakyn.

After talking to Kuryakyn I was very disappointed as they said there was nothing they could do. My bike has NEVER been left outside UNCOVERED and I even cover it in my garage. I have spent 1000's of dollars on Kuryakyn products and this is how you are treated for buying what is obviously a defective item. In the future I will be looking for OTHER manufactures to buy products from. In the mean time I will have to remover the defective item and have it chromed PROPERLY!

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