Adjustable Driver Backrest for GL1800

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Adjustable Driver Backrest for GL1800
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Nice looking & comfortable GL1800 Adjustable Driver Backrest relaxes your back while riding. Fully adjustable by loosening the large slider knobs on left & right side anytime you wish to move it forward or back.

Matching fabric on a contoured driver pad fit & coordinate with stock OEM seats and includes a removeable passenger storage pouch on the back of pad.

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Molalla, OR
Stopped my back pain

I've had this backrest for three years now and it works really well. It has not slipped back on me and the backrest pillow part lowers flat so my wife can step onto my front pegs and swing her leg over the pillow and she sits on her seat.

You can loosen the adjusters while your riding and you can adjust the backrest forward or back to the correct and comfortable riding position while riding. It doesn't take much to make it move and makes riding a dream.

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San Antonio, TX
Not a Bad Backrest

Does what it is supposed to do, use it on a 2008 Goldwing, I took the bushings off to go back as far as I could, wont go any further than the curve in the bars, I am about 6FT and don't see how some need the back rest to stay forward. that would be uncomfortable to me. I guess for shorter riders they need to be closer to the handle bars. The back rest does take some getting used to, but I did not want a back rest that required to cut my seat to install. This back rest is easily removable also. Co-rider does not mind it.

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Orange, AU
If it slides back

If you have trouble with this sliding back, get a piece of round dowel, small enough to fit inside the front tube, and cut it to 12 inches (305mm) long. Fit it inside the tube, put the front tube back inside the back tube and it will never move again and should be just the perfect position for you.

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Colbert, OK
I've had two

The first one I could not tighten tight enough in order to keep one of the plastic bushings to catch and stay in place. The second one I purchased, I've had no problems. Installs by using the four seat screws. The height adjusts slightly. Once you have in your correct spot, I don't know how anyone rides without one. Spouse likes the pouch on the back of the rest.

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St. Chales, MO
Easy install & Looks good too

This takes about 10 min. to install and mabe 10 more min. of riding to relize you should have bought this sooner. I had one on my 1500 and it was the 1st thing I added to my 1800. I cant speek for others but mine stays put when i set it and sometimes I lean hard on it

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