Ergo Tour Iso Pegs w/Adjustable Mount


Ergo Tour Iso Pegs w/Adjustable Mount
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Great Looking GL1500 Kuryakyn Fully Adjustable Iso Peg with Rotating Adjustable Mounting Fits 98-00 GL1500 and Valkyrie Standards (Not Valkyrie Interstate)

GL1500 Footpegs & Highway Pegs at - These fit 1998-2000 GL1500s and Valkyrie Standard. (Wont fit Valkyrie Interstate Model)Ergonomically designed for maximum driver comfort, these mounts make possible an unbelievable range of adjustment for the tall, short or in between rider.
The articulated mounting bracket is made of highly polished stainless steel for extreme strength, great looks and simple installation.

The 6 long chrome swing arm, has an ingenious locking mechanism, canted at a 6 degree angle which angles the pegs just the right amount for ideal comfort.

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Geelong, AU
I made them fit a 1992 GL1500

When I bought these I didn't read the full description regarding them only fitting 98 to 00 GL1500's.
I have made them fit my 1992 by simply removing the curclip and hinge pin from the S/S clamp, then rer-assemble the fitting around the bar. Simply replace the pin and curclip and its job done. I wasn't able to fit the black spring steel stabilizers that rest against the engine head but the S/S clamp, bolts up rock-solid to the engine bar and I don't see any forces sufficent to make it rotate on the bar.
The reason to pull apart to fit is because there is not enough clearence to pass either end of the clamp through between the bar and the engine head.
Now I need to go for a ride and sort out the best possition.

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Las Vegas, NV
these are no made for a 2000 gl1500

I got these for a 2000 gL 1500 se goldwing
i had to pull side and fornt of faring to get them to fit some what, they should stop saying they are for goldwing 1500 2000. because they are not,,I also told took several hours to finish the job
In short you would be better off buying universal pegs then these. only reason i am giving one start is because there or no zeros.

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Fort Dodge, IA

Instructions leave something to be desired but nice looking and not that hard of a install. I like them because the fact you can now have three postions for your legs. Either on can have your feet on your stock pegs or on these pegs or totally stretch out and with the iso pegs under your calf. 4 stars terrible instructions.

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San Ramon, CA

Don't yet know about the durability, but can vouch that these are some of the most frustrating pieces to add to your bike. I normally love everything Kuryakyn makes, but go for the boards. These aren't as adjustable as they make them out to be. Kuryakyn tried to make a good product here, but swung and miss. Also this is the only 1 star I have ever given any product. I have never gone below 3, but this one deserves it. No reflection on Wingstuff though, these guys are awesome.

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This is a horrible product, do not waste your money. Nearly impossible to fit to the motorcycle, one of the structural parts is nearly "pot metal". The chrome flaked off immediately... Just terrible...

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GL1500 1998-2000