WingStuff On The Road at Wing Ding 33

August 16, 2011 - 03:55 PM

Wing Ding 33 was possibly the best to date, and we worked extra hard at bringing back more video footage than ever to share with you. If you didn't attend, we hope our Wing Ding video coverage will make you feel like you are right there inside the show.

If you live near or around Knoxville, Tennessee, you probably noticed more Gold Wing motorcycles than cars around the city limits recently during the event. This years theme was "Rollin On Rocky Top" and was held July 6-9, 2011.

WingStuff at Wing Ding 33

Our display was very exciting this year and one of the largest ever at any Wing Ding event. We teamed up with Centramatic again with On-Site Sales + Installation of Centramatic's Gold Wing wheel balancers.

Besides accessories for Gold Wings, we had a great selection of officially licensed clothing for Gold Wing owners and lot's of helmets this year. We offered On-Site J&M helmet headset for Gold Wing installation in helmets like Shark, Schuberth, and KBC inside our display at the show.

2012 Gold Wing Accessories Demoed at Wing Ding 33

Also on hand in our display were manufacturer reps from many of the most popular brands. They aided customers in with all sorts of questions. Of course, many brands at Wing Ding were showing off their latest accessories for the new 2012+newer Gold Wing, too. For extended coverage on the brands that were there and a tour of some great new 2012 accessories, click here »

Reactions from the Crowd

We were also able to take some time to speak with some of those that visited our booth and ask them about their experience at Wing Ding. You can see the videos below:

Pictures from Wing Ding

Hope you enjoyed our coverage of Wing Ding 33. We look forward to seeing you next year at Wing Ding 34, Fort Wayne, Indiana July 4-7, 2012.

Ride Safe and See You On The Open Road..

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Like hello! This is from 2011, that is 5 years ago!
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