Passenger Armrests for GL1800

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Passenger Armrests for GL1800
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Show Chrome Passenger Armrest Set fits any year GL1800, conveniently swings back out of the way for easy passenger access. Bolts to existing passenger handles on each side for a solid mount. Trunk can be accessed without swinging armrests out.

Mount to GL1800 seat hand rails instead of others that mount to your fragile GL1800 trunk plastic. These mount to your GL1800 seat handrails and are one of the strongest mounting design compared to other brands that mount to your trunk.

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Thin chrome and not durable.
Only a little over a year old and the brackets under the seat handle are really rusty and the chrome is peeling on the upright piece that has the pad on it. I waxed them before installing and whenever i cleaned the Wing.
Really look bad for not being very old. Wife loved the functionality of them and gets really quiet at times back there but the sub par chrome is really a bummer since these armrest are still expensive for the quality.

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Passenger arm rests

Another great product at a reasonable price . Quick and easy installation very satisfied with this product. The pads are justable about 1 inch fwd or back

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Spokane, WA
OK So Far

I've owned these for about 4 years and have had no problems. If you have problems lining up the seat bolts, buy the tapered ones, they do help.

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Pearland, TX
Nice but not perfect

These arm rests were installed by the dealer on my 2009 GW when I purchased it new. They didn't really fit well as the mounting brackets impinged upon the passenger heat and CB controls. However, if carefully placed in a vice, you can bend them a mm or so away from those controls without affecting function or comfort (you just shouldn't have to do that!). The pivot bolts have been correctly described here as junk and they will quickly wear out. This is the only parts failure that you should anticipate. You should be able to find adequate replacement bolts and nuts in the specialty hardware section of most home and hardware stores. I have not had any problems with the nylon spacers, which are designed to restrict arm rest motion when the pivot bolts are appropriately tightened. The passenger will need to swing out the "driver side" arm rest in order to get to climb on so they can't be so tight that they won't adequately move. The mounting brackets are securely held on by the passenger seat grip bolts and will need to be removed anytime seat removal is required. This is a real nuisance because lining up the seat grip bolts is tricky (having someone sit on the passenger seat while installing these may help) and it makes for just one more thing to worry about when I take the bike in for service. You don't want to strip the threads in the grip bolts - they should go in relatively easily. There are just too many small parts that can be easily dropped and never found again! The leather covers on the arm rests are thin and are just stapled to their undersides. One of them has a tear underneath the arm rest but that hasn't yet caused any problems in function or appearance. When I drive this to work, the bike is not protected from the elements and these arm rests have otherwise survived very well. You should be regularly spraying all of the leather parts with leather protectant anyway. The arm rests can be made snug enough to help keep my wife from easily falling off the bike when she falls asleep (the back seat is pretty comfortable) and while she may be safer with these, you should not consider these to be adequate passenger side restraints! Another trade-off is that when her arms are placed on the arm rests, my side/rear vision is somewhat blocked by her arms and shoulders, a potential problem when doing lane changes and passing other vehicles. When the arm rests are in their normal, forward positions, they do not interfere with trunk opening. Overall, these arm rests are certainly functional but not without problems. It seems to me that most of these issues could have been corrected by better design and materials by the manufacturer.

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Atlantic City, NJ
Poor Locking Mechanism

Have had these on my bike cpl years now. These are great until the little plastic lock washers wear out. Then you have to tighten bolts further to keep arm rest from swinging out from wind. I actually snapped bolt from constant tightenting. Cost me nearly $12 for replacement bolt from SC. I'll try something different next time.

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