50-Watt Mini Halogen Driving Lights

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50-Watt Mini Halogen Driving Lights
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Super Bright GL1800 Mini Halogen Driving Lights are the smallest UPPER Driving Lights on the market. This bright lighting option features Powerful 55 Watt Halogens bulbs in a great looking bullet chrome housings for great looks. Includes everything you need: lights, mounting bracket, wire harness, switch and relay.

GL1800 Honda Gold Wing Accessories from Wingstuff.com

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Grand Bank, CA

Looks great! Don't use them that much because of their brightness and the effect on oncoming traffic. Drilled 1/8" holes into the underside of the housing to allow water to exit and fill up the housing. Use them mostly for looks (more chrome).

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1 * for the look, and that is about it. The lighting provided is quite unsufficient, those are more about being seen than anything else.
As said by others, they are NOT waterproof, and the brackets are just a joke. Save your $ and avoid. I guess I 'll fabricate my own brackets and use some H3 small lights from Walmart.

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Cedar Lane, TX

Based on the other reviews, I don't plan to buy one. The Solution to blinding drivers is to put a relay in that would be wired to the High Beam side of your switch. that way they would only come on with high beam & not with low beams. Same way Fog lights are wired only with the low beams.

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Franklinton, LA

I did not purchase this item through Wing Stuff. I went through AAFES thinking I would save some money. Did not happen, Wing Stuff can not be beat. These lights look good and are bright. The mounting bracket is sufficient. The adjustment screws are a little hard to get to once the light has been installed. The little lights add more light which makes us more visible.

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Birmingham, GB

The main attraction of these lights is that they look good. The beam is ok, but the under-dimensioned mounting brackets make them vibrate too much. It is probably only a matter of time before they brake. Having read Mikes review I instructed my mechanic to seal the wire opening properly. He sealed them carefully, but still one of the lights was filled with water after the first heavy rain. If I had to do it all over again I would probable spend more money and buy the PIAA lights.

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