Amber LED Side Logo Accents for 2nd Gen GL1800

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Amber LED Side Logo Accents for 2nd Gen GL1800
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These beautifully chromed ABS pieces cover the area over the logo on the outside bike fairing. Each accent has 12 amber LED lights which illuminate through the chrome when lit. They are made to be used with the OEM logo (not included) or any other accent or emblem to place in the center circle. Easy to install with self-adhesive tape. Drilling will be required for installation for the light. The light will work as a running and turnsignal for GL1800. Pair.

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Amber LED Side Logo Accents for 2nd Gen GL1800

I agree with Richard. These lights seem like a good idea but they are the worst crap I ever saw. The fit is horrible. They don't follow the contours of the fairing and on top of them being crappy looking and not having the plug and go connectors like some of the other top manufacturers, one doesn't even work after all the work putting them on. The only reason I'm giving it 1 star is because they don't have 0 stars. Don't waste your time or money with this junk.

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Sant Lluis, Menorca, Baleares, ES
LED Accents

Ordered these as they do look like they will enhance the side of the bike fairing (40th Aniv edition).
However, I have to say they look extremely TACKY and of poor quality in addition to this and more importantly, they do not fit into the recess in the fairing and stand proud.
I really like the idea of lighting the emblem but these are not the answer, do not waste your money!!
You can have mine for half what I paid for them and you pay the postage.

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