Adjustable 19''-27'' Windshield for GL1500


Adjustable 19''-27'' Windshield for GL1500
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  • DOT Approved Adjustable Height Motorcycle Windshield
  • Adjusts from 19" to 27" without the use of tools.  Measurement is taken in the center of the shield from bottom to top.  Together with the 2.5" of adjustment you receive from the Goldwing design you receive over 10.5" of total adjustment.
  • Made from 3/16” Aircraft Grade Lucite®  acrylic- the industry's leader in clarity and quality
  • .052” thicker than OEM windshield offering increased strength
  • Bottom Color - Dark Smoke; Top Color - Clear
  • Comes with quick change hardware and low profile hardware
  • Patent Pending

Fits: GL1500


1 Member Reviews

Best of both worlds

I bought this windshield because I was missing the wind in my face feel while riding but wanted the option of protecting my wife and getting out of the rain. This windshield is perfect. During the summer months and when I am riding 1 up I have it down but if my wife wants to ride it takes just minutes to bring the upper windshield into play. It looks great, is made out very durable material, and is extremely functional. The downside is that the lower half is extremely dark and hard to see through but you get used to it. I am only 5'7" tall and have the windshield at the highest position for short rides 2 up. If I were always riding alone I would have it in the lowest position to make it easier to see the road ahead.

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