Fog Light Upgrade Harness

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Fog Light Upgrade Harness
$39.95 to $64.95
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As a bonus, you will be able to run the light on BOTH high and low beam if you select. Another bonus; this harness will eliminate damage to the switch as this kit removes all the load from it. A replacement switch is as much (or more) than this harness!

This harness allows you to safely run 55 watt bulbs in your Hondaline and Show Chome driving lights. This harness has a 14 gauge wire from the battery into our water resistant relay. From there it splits out with 16 gauge wires to the light housings.

Kits are available that include quality German H3 55 watt bulbs at a discount over buying them separately.  Bulbs are available in standard Halogen, Xenon (pure white), and Ion (amber).  Pair included in kits.

Installation is a snap! Unplug the foglights from the bike. Connect the harness to the one of the plugs on the bike where the foglights used to be connected. Then connect the harness to both light housings. Lastly, connect the power wire to the battery. Made with genuine Sumitomo OEM connectors (same as Honda). Made in the USA with quality Consolidated brand wire (made in the USA as well).

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Crystal City, MO

Install but wired to my Aux Fuse block. Works great with no problems...
Another Great Product by EC

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Lewisberry, PA
Now the lights are bright white!

This kit made the lights brighter and whiter. I had upgraded my headlamps to HIDs and it made the fog lights look yellow. Much better now!

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