Motorcycle Tire Ceramic Balancing Beads

Dyna Beads

Motorcycle Tire Ceramic Balancing Beads
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Dyna Beads dynamically balance tires on the move, resulting in a smoother ride, and one that lasts the life of the tire. Dyna Beads are small ceramic spheres, high in density and perfectly smooth, that travel inside the tire to locate themselves opposite heavy points to eliminate out-of-balance motion. The result is not only a smoother ride, but a better look - Dyna Beads eliminate the need for spoke or stick-on weights applied to your beautiful wheels.  Glass smooth ride, every time, all the time.

  • Dramatically longer tire life
  • No rebalancing
  • No spoke or rim weights
  • Eliminates tire cupping
  • Easy to install

They can be used with tubes or tubeless tires, and work for scooters as well.
Dyna Beads are 100% environmentally friendly ceramic, impervious to moisture, and non-abrasive to inner liners and tubes. No special air drying is needed, and Dyna Beads can be installed directly into the tire at mounting time, or after, through the valve stem.

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Temecula, CA
Messy beads

I installed these beads and a new tire in 2015 prior to going to Alaska on my trike. The initial ride appeared to be somewhat smoother. I traveled on some of the worse roads on the planet in British Columbia, the Yukon and Alaska. About 7500 miles into the tip, I noted the front tire starting to cup. At 9500 miles, it was necessary to change out the front tire. I use the Bridgestone Battex tire and I have gotten as much as 20k miles+ on a front tire. I don't know if the cupping was because of the beads or my fault, being underinflated. A heads up, these beads are messy. The tire changer had to clean the crushed beads inside the rim prior to installing a new Bridgestone.

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henderson, NV
worth every penny

best thing since shirt pockets

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henderson, NV
little money, big difference

These work, simple.

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Kansas City, MO
Silky - that's the word

I'm about to install yet another set of Bridgestone EXEDRA's on my 2008 GW and I wouldn't do it without these beads!

It's hard to find the right words but the first time I used these beads, my GW rode smooth as 'silk'. Totally different. I was amazed. I had never used the beads before and had no idea what to expect. Plus, I ended up getting more miles that expected on those tires and I ride 2-up and loaded quite often, so that was an added benefit. I'm not positive I can contribute the better tire wear to the beads alone, but it definitely made a difference And I certainly never got that KIND of ride out of my tires. Smooth, smooth, smooth. They are definitely a 5-star item in my opinion.

I have heard the beads can mess up your TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) if you have one though, but I can't really speak to that for sure. Mine is a 2008 and don't have that anyway. But otherwise I'd encourage anyone to give these a try if they haven't.

Safe riding!

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Jasper, TX
Beads, Beads, Beads.

I am not sure what the hold up is trying them out?
If you do not like them just balance them and put a ugly weight on your rims. I started using them the day I found out about them 8years. No more Cupping, No more Goldwing 35mi wobble and longer tire usages. I use 1oz in front and 2oz in the back. You will however receive the tire before the beads. Just wait for it.
I never rate anything above a 4.

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