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Denali D7 2.0 Trioptic LED Light Kit

Be Safe. Be Seen. At over 15,000 lumens, the DENALI D7 light kit is one of the brightest LED lights under 4.5 inches period. A pair of D7s feature fourteen high-intensity 10 watt LEDs that are focused through a proprietary single piece optic that was specifically engineered to create a full bodied spot beam that can reach over 1500 feet at one lux. The robust heatsink and Active Thermal Managementâ„¢ work together to keep this high powered lamp cool enough to maintain maximum light output when you need it most.

Still not convinced this light is bright enough? A pair of D7s will outshine fourteen D2 lights and produces more than twice the light output of our beastly D4 light kit.
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