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XP Rear Brake Modulator
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Compact solid state electronic module converts your ordinary brake lights into your choice of two flashing modes. Creates attention, getting visual alerting signals when you apply your brakes. Works with Incandescent Lighting, LED Lighting or a combo of both!

Easy Installation: Simply install the module in line with the brake light wire leading to the brake light and connect a ground wire. Sealed weather resistant heat sink case. Compact size: 2-1/4"L x 1-5/8"W x 5/8"H

NOTE: This module is rated at 10 Amps which will only drive three 1157 bulbs. If you have a vehicle with more than three brake lights, we recommend only modulating two of these bulbs. It will get plenty of attention!

User Selected Mode One:

Emits a visual signal of 4 short light flashes, followed by 1 long light flash (3.5 seconds). The signal automatically repeats itself as long as the brakes are applied. This pattern is not random, but has been selected because of its ability to retain following drivers attention.

User Selected Mode Two:
Emits a visual signal of 5 short flashes, followed by a steady on light that remains steady as long as the brakes are applied.

Motorcycle Emergency Flasher of Automobile Back-Up Flasher.

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xp backoff modulator

This version will flash ALL 4 of my rear brake lights that are LED as well as trailer braike lights when it's hooked up--IT ROCKS !!

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Bertram, TX
XP Rear Brake Modulator

Bought and installed this on my GW 1800's spoiler that has LED's. Simple installation and using mode 2. Provides a good attention getter when viewed from the rear. Ordered a second one for my son's 1500. Cannot vouch for longevity but seems beefy enough to last a while. I would recommend this for anyone riding a bike regardless of make.

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Victoria, CA

Installed this device to the Honda lighted Trunk Spoiler on my 2006 Goldwing several years ago. Have in Mode 2 so that it flashes 5 times quickly, then stays on. Many people have commented on how effective the flashing spoiler light works when applying the brakes. Well worth the money to prevent getting rear ended!

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xp rear brake modulator

A must have bought one for my gl 1500 now have one on all our street bikes

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Virginia Beach, VA

Works great for me. I have mine set up so it flashes the spoiler light only right now. I plan to add the two unused lights on the trunk (they only operate as running lights from Honda) once I get the pins in to add a wire to the connector. For those of you having problems, make sure you read the max capacity on this. If your using regular bulbs and trying to power all the rear lights on the wing your likely overloading this past the 10 amp max. Pick which lights you want and use only them. The spoiler light is controlled by the green/red wire in the grey connector just in front of the relay box under the seat. It involves cutting a wire to run this in series with the lights but you can use connectors that will allow you to remove this and just plug the original wires back together if your state inspection rules prevent you from running this or if you ever feel like you may need to bypass this.

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