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Antifreeze Coolant
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High Performance Coolant is famous among most motorcycle racers. Great for any liquid cooled motorcycle engines. Non Toxic formulation is biodegradable and works amazing keeping temperatures down in any liquid cooled engine.

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Beaufort, SC
No Looking Back

I am back to purchase this coolant as it stood the summer test here, deep in the Palmetto State. My coolant gauge never went above the halfway mark, whereas whatever coolant was in the bike when i bought it, always sat just above the halfway mark. So i am convinced that this is coolant for my Wing. . .

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Cantonment, FL

Outstanding coolant to use but to do it right you have to remove the cooland tank under the bike a flush it too. Also, highly recommend you have the entire system "pulled-down" and completely flushed of all old coolant before refilling. This takes a little extra time and a few more steps but well worth the effort. If you don't know how to "pulled-down" the system do some research or have a pro do it for you. This is an excellant product an works very well in the Goldwing.

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Art & Sally
Lake Elsinore, CA

This really does work well. Especially here in Southern California. I ride in all types of conditions, but when it is hot, this product shines.

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