Kisan Pathblazer Headlight Modulator for Honda GL1800 Gold Wing

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Kisan Pathblazer Headlight Modulator for Honda GL1800 Gold Wing
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BE SAFE & SEEN - If your not seen by other cars your in trouble! Many times thats the case with most motorcycle accidents, help prevent accidents by letting other vehicles see you with this Kisan Headlight Modulator for GL1800 that is Plug & Play for EASY Installation! Most Drivers dont expect to see anything smaller than a car. They may be looking right at you, but a small motorcycle just wont register. With so many automobiles equipped with Daytime Running Lights on the road, motorcycles have a hard time standing out and this is the soultion to better safety. 

PathBlazer for GL1800 Gold Wing Features

  • Modulates on high beam
  • Installation is a simple Plug & Play
  • Adjustable daylight sensitivity

    You may have heard of the "Hurt Report". This was a study - the most comprehensive of its kind, ever - of nearly 5,000 motorcycle accidents, by researcher Harry Hurt. Lessons learned from the Hurt Report have helped manufacturers, state governments, and safety instructors make the roads safer for motorcycles - but there are still risks.

    There are several findings summarized from the overall report, the scariest of these findings are:

    Approximately three-fourths of these motorcycle accidents involved collision with another vehicle, which was most often a passenger automobile.

    The failure of motorists to detect and recognize motorcycles in traffic is the predominating cause of motorcycle accidents. The driver of the other vehicle involved in collision with the motorcycle did not see the motorcycle before the collision, or did not see the motorcycle until too late to avoid the collision.

    It is crucial that we make ourselves visible to motorists. I know of no better way to ensure that you are seen than to use a headlight modulator.

    Kisan pathBlazer modulators are designed to be easy to install on all sorts of motorcycles. Most bikes simply require removing the cable from the back of the headlight bulb, plugging the pathBlazer into the bulb, and then plugging the cable back into the pathBlazer. A daylight sensor, attached to the module by a cable, then just needs to be fastened such that it can see the sky (in order to turn off modulation at night).

    Headlight modulators are legal throughout the United States, on the basis of federal authority. No state law may usurp this authority. They are also permitted throughout Canada. Installing a pathBlazer can dramatically improve your odds of safe riding.
  • 102 Member Reviews

    Bellevue, NE
    Works great

    Other than just trying to get them mounted, they have worked great since I installed them back in 2014 on my 2010 GW. Being an all black GW, I'm always looking for that little extra to be noticed on the roads.

    I did have one funny instance when just as I was approaching a traffic light that had just turned green on me, a pickup truck went through their red light. I turned at the light which put me some ways behind that truck. The truck driver ended up pulling over thinking I was the police giving him a ticket. So I just went on my way, but hoped it would make him aware of the lights next time.

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    Gaston, OR

    Probably just luck of the draw, but these never worked for me. One of the units seems to be fine, the other worked sporadically and unpredictably for about a half day and then quit altogether. It seemed that there was a loose connection somewhere since the unit was sensitive to the positioning of the attachment wires, but even though I pulled out the soldering iron and make a game try of fixing it, no luck.

    Kind of an expensive experiment to run a second time.

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    South Point, OH
    Extra Visibility Is Well Worth The Money!

    I have had these Kisan Headlight Modulators on my bike now for about 2 months and I can tell you that they do get peoples attention! I installed them on my low beams as I didn't want to be blinding people and I still wanted my high beams functional in the daylight. I also installed a manual switch in place of the light sensor as I wanted the ability to turn them on/off in the daylight. Pretty easy to install (on low beams) but they just push onto the back of the lamps so I hope they won't vibrate off over time. I have not noticed any kind of interference with my electronics.

    A couple weeks ago, I had a Kentucky Highway Patrol pass me and then fall back behind me for a while, I got the feeling he was checking with "headquarters" on the legality of the flashing lights. After a while he passed me again and moved on. I have had no problems with the police so far. Some drivers do move over when I come up behind them and I have gotten a few odd looks from a few but I am very happy with the increased visibility this product provides. I would highly recommend this product!

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    Coral Springs, FL
    Noisy Interference - Must Install Ground Loop Isolator

    I had high hopes for this product because of the great reviews but after spending two hours ripping apart my 2014 Gold Wing's control panels to get to the high beams, I found these to create significant interference each time the unit modulated. I would see kind of a static interference pattern and hear a buzz through the speakers each time the unit switched which was several times a second. After calling the manufacturer (Kisan), they told me that it was a problem with the Goldwing (yeah right) in that the Honda had made all the ground wires terminate in the same place. The answer they said was to buy a ground loop isolator and install that to eliminate the noise. Personally, I find the engineering on the Gold Wing to be simply flawless, and although I completely understand the function and purpose of a ground loop isolator, I would not change anything about the electrical system to support a 3rd party product. I was surprised that this was a known issue and that no one else had mentioned it (in any review), so I'm here to tell you.... If you have a navigation screen you will need a ground loop isolator installed to eliminate the noise generated by this unit. I have to say that the guys at wingstuff were awesome and returned the item without questions or hesitation. They truly give me a sense of security when purchasing here and their risk free approach to returns has made me a dedicated and loyal customer. I can't say as much for Kisan though, they seemed very dismissive and looking for reason to blame anyone but themselves. Fact is, the product is noisy because it's cheaply made, for $150+ dollars they could add a simple noise filtering circuit to eliminated this problem, instead they will tell you to go buy another product to "hide" their noise. I guess what you have to decide is weather or not you want that kind of noise in you electrical system with all of the sensitive electronics onboard.

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    Fremont, CA
    Excellent product - be patient with install.

    These really get people to notice you. Getting to the high beam bulbs is tricky, but not impossible. Just take your time.
    Installed in about an hour with minimal swearing and no bloody knuckles :)

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