J&M CB Volume, Mic On/Off Passenger Control


J&M CB Volume, Mic On/Off Passenger Control
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This passenger controller for the GL1500 provides an easy to use passenger headset volume control, a large CB radio PTT button for positive activation, along with a passenger microphone on/off switch to help eliminate intercom wind noise from the passenger position. (motorcycle does NOT need to have a CB radio installed to utilize the features of this controller)

  • Unit mounts to the right inside side seat grab rail for user friendly convenience on all years of the Honda GL1500.
  • Electrical connections plug into the stock wiring harnesses under the seat for an easy no-hassle installation.
  • Kit includes all necessary parts for mounting and connection, along with a complete installation/operation manual.
  • Made-in-the-USA in Tucson Arizona.

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Tijeras, NM
poor sound volumne and quality

The volume power is weak. At full volume, the co-rider can't really hear the rider. There should be an amplifier n the passenger volume to make it usable.
the volume must be up full blast in order to hear anything.

Save your money.

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Laurel, MT
Nice, real nice

Very simple install. Sure makes the ride a lot quieter, and wife loves being able to adjust volume for her own volume pleasure. Just a real nice addition for those that travel a lot.

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Queen Creek, AZ
# PSCR-GL1800

If I could give 6 stars, I would. The install was done in no time and very easy. The hardest part is to put the seat back on. I can reccorment this unit to everybody. My wife love it. She is now able to talk over the CB radio to others but the good part is, I have the control if they would change cooking receipt. :-)She can now control her own volume. J&M delivered the best products and the best customer service.

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Salisbury, MA
Plug and Pray

This is titled 'Plug and Pray' because it is sort of plug it in and pray it works. As most have said, the instructions can be confusing. Plugging in you would think would be the easiest. Fortunately I was able to figure it out and get installed in about an hour.

Regarding the product itself... the item is bulky and gets in the co-rider's way all the time. It attaches to either the right or left seat handle. If you have arm rests, it will interfere if mounted on the external side of the seat handles, then you will need to mount it inside. Either way, the large black cable is very stiff, so it is not flexible to move, making mounting difficult.

The volume control is right out in front, but the volume power is weak. At full volume, the co-rider can't quite hear the rider or the cb. Perhaps we need new J&M headsets in the rear, but I doubt that since I have tried two different J&M headsets and with both, the volume must be up full blast in order to hear anything.

The push-to-talk button is made of a black rubber button, which has fallen off. It lasted for the first ride. With the rubber boot now off the button, there is a white tiny button to depress. J&M didn't think the button design through and should have made it more durable. Now my co-rider cannot speak over the cb radio.

There is a power on/off switch underneath behind the rubber push-to-talk button which you can power on or off the use of the volume control.

I have had this installed for a few years and until a new product is published that beats this one out, I will have to stick with it.

If you need to remove the seat for anything, you must remove this as well. It gets in the way with the seat off. Would be better if this could be mounted separately, elsewhere.

I don't know whether I would recommend this product to anyone, but would warn about the lack of power the volume produces and the fact that the rubber boot on the push-to-talk feature WILL fall off by simply bumping into it.

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Houston, TX
Nice addition for Passenger

The install went very well. Made easy by reading other reviews that gave pointers. The hardest part was getting the darn seat back on with that FAT cable coming out.
Like others we installed ours on the right side of the seat instead of the left. I didn't want it to get in the way of the hand grip for center standing the bike.
Wife loves it, now she can talk on the CB as well.

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