Passenger Armrest/Driver Backrest Combo

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Passenger Armrest/Driver Backrest Combo
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Show Chrome Combo Deal Includes 1-Show Chrome GL1800 Driver Backrest and 1-Show Chrome GL1800 Armrest Kit mounted as a single unit for easy installation. Newly designed backrest pad matches seat perfectly while the GL1800 Armrest offer passenger comfort and allow trunk to open without swinging out. Show Chrome Backrest & Armrest Combo Deal available at value pricing from

New single mounting bracket allows easy installation of both backrest and armrests, combo bracket makes installation simple by mounting both as a single bolt on unit in minutes instead of hours.. Backrest is adjustable forward and back with storage pouch behind pad. Fits 2001-2012 Honda GL1800 Gold Wing

Note - 2006 -2012+ Gold Wing owners, if you have BOTH a Honda factory passenger controller AND Heated Seat this will not fit. However, if you have just ONE of those items it will fit fine.. 

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Sydney, AU
What a difference.

Just fitted my new Combo and WOW what a comfortable ride for me now. Just sit back and relax against the backrest. The wife and kids love the armrests when they wish to use them but all in all a great product at a great price. East to install if you read the instructions. The chrome looks fantastic. Makes the bike look better than ever!! Not many in Australia, but worth the freight charges all the same. Thanks Wingstuff. Great service from all the staff that helped with my emails as well.

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SW Florida, FL
Won't ride without them for 8 reasons

Love the engineering,1) not having to spread the armrests to open the trunk 2) not mounted to plastic trunk causing stress and cracking RATHER they mount to the structural member of the bike. 3) Infinitely adjustable position (foreward or back for driver) 4)Variable backrest height adjustment (3 position) 5) easy swing out design for passenger mount / dismount
6) Armrest at good height for both tall and short passengers 7) Bracketry is tucked in tight so as not to rub on passenger thighs 8) easy installation with clear instructions

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works great

I installed this on the new bike, I love the fact that you can open the trunk without moving the armrest out but the reason for the 4 stars is the backrest is stationary and when the wife gets on and off the bike it is harder than the flip forward model. I do like it myself but Donna would prefer the flip model so I might be changing soon?????

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Billings, OK
John Billings, Ok

This arerest/backrest combo is great. Shipping was fast, received it in 3 days and installation was easy. My wife loves the armrests and the backrest is comfortable and easy to adjust.

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Beach Lake, PA

I installed this product a few months ago. I have been experiencing pain in my hip joint for a while and finally realized that it was caused by the mounting bars for the backrest pushing against the rear of the seat and hence my but bones. I had adjusted the backrest far forward because of my short stature accompanied by short arms. After discovering the problem I set the backrest fully back and have solved the pain problem, but now I must lean forward to grip the bars in a less then ideal riding position. If I lean fully back into the seat and backrest it is very comfortable, but I must ride with my fingers resting on top of the grips rather than holding them. Sooooo ....... I give it four stars for the short guys!

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  • GL1800 2001-2013
  • GL1800 Trike 2001-2013