Universal Mount Passenger Armrest Pouch


Universal Mount Passenger Armrest Pouch
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Universal design mounts underneath motorcycle passenger armrests to add handy quick storage access. Fabric was made to matches the Honda GL1800 OEM seat black seat and are great for most other armrest like found on GL1200, GL1500 due to black color. Great for items you want fast access to like sunglasses, change, keys, sun block , garage remotes or anything else. Sold each.

NOTE: Does not fit Kuryakyn armrests

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Great idea - poor execution

Bought a pair of these for the new armrests. Installed them for a Labor Day weekend trip. In mid September I rode to the CA District rally. I went to show off the pouches, and only one was there. On the way home, the other blew off the bike. Less than 2K of riding. I contacted Wingstuff and they contacted the manufacturer. No support from the manufacturer without the entire faulty part being returned. Wingstuff is standing behind the product they sold. KUDOS for Wingstuff. Now to find a decent replacement s they were a great add to the bike for my wife.

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Kathleen, GA
Love it

Bought this for the wife about six months ago, installed easily on my Rivco arm rests, does not flop in the wind. Looks good too! Good product

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Hillsboro, MO
Arm rest pouch

My wife loves this pouch. She stores her sun glasses and other items she needs to have ready access to in this easy to install pouch.

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SW Florida, FL
Installed 2 of these

My S/O loves having them for the "tuck things out of the way, but easily accessable" storage (phone, sunscreen,snacks ect..)

I installed them as shown (outside the armrest arms) but they flapped a little bit so i used an awl poked a very small hole in the back corner and tie -tied the bottom back corner down.

No more flapping, no water intrusion, plus makes accessing interior even easier. The interior space is quite good.

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Riverview, FL
Armrest Pouch

Obviously a good place to stash stuff. Rode with them for about twoo weeks and I didn't really like the look of how they were aligning up wiht the Armrest pad. Had to pull them back off and take a drill to wallow out the mount holes a bit. Expanded the holes by about 1/8" allowed more mounting adjustability. Wouldn't really mark down the product as it is listed as a "Universal". Plus my mod only took about 5 minutes for each side and it looks perfect now.

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