Premium AGM Sealed Westco High Amp Battery for GL1800

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Premium AGM Sealed Westco High Amp Battery for GL1800
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Made In USA, SVR Westco Premium Battery fits GL1800. Ships fully charged due to Maintenance Free AGM Design, so battery can be shipped UPS anywhere in the USA. Holds a deep charge far longer than any stock battery and has the highest cranking amps available.

Great for bikes loaded with accessory lighting, these deliver the extra power needed as well as being far superior than the oem stock battery.

Shipping Note: Ships via ground transportation in USA lower 48 states only, air shipping not available due to air regulations. We are not able to ship internationally or to Canada due to shipping regulations.

Transportation Info - MK ( Westco Batteries ) are Non-Spillable, Electric Storage, Conform to and meet the requirments of the International Civil Aviation Organization, (ICAO) Technical Intructions for the safe transport of dangerous goods by Air, Special Provision A67 and Packing Instruction 806.



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Batavia, OH
Way Over Priced

I usually change out batteries every three years just to make sure I don't get caught out West somewhere when I am miles from buying one if I should need it. I have purchased several of these in the last 9 or 10 yrs and when I went to order again I saw where the price of this battery had increased over 40% in three and a half years. No way will I buy another one. That price increase is simply not justified in my humble opinion.

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East Greenbush, NY
2 years and going strong

I purchased this battery a couple of years ago and it's still going strong. I do use a Battery Tender to keep it charged if I'm not riding a few weeks. I've not had it fail me like previous batteries from other companies. I run heated gear on the GW as well.

I would purchase again.

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Lolo, MT

This is a follow up review of the Westco Platinum Battery. My original stock battery lasted 5 plus years. I decided to try this battery as a timely replacement. I have had it in service for 2 years now and it just barely holds enough charge to start my wing after sitting for even 2 days. I use the same battery tender on this battery that I used on the original battery when the bike will not be ridden for a week or so. I have also been noticing a fault during start-up with my cb since this battery has shown itself to be "weak". Maybe I just got a lemon of a battery but Wingstuff was good in assisting me in acquiring a replacement battery. No more faults while booting up the electronics with the new battery. Great customer service from Wingstuff.

Thanks Guys.

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Kurt S
Xenia, OH
Three Years, Needs Replaced.

Well, I'm back on the market for another battery for my GL1800. I purchased this exact battery on 5/2010, faithfully maintained it using a 12V battery tender after each ride when stored in my garage. Now it is barely reading a 40% crank charge on my battery bug (advanced CrankCheck technology tests battery health every time the engine is started). I was hoping to make the 5 year club like many others have reported using their battery, but I cannot take a chance that it will not be able to start my cycle when I'm on a trip.

For the price, I was expecting several more years of service, especially with my frequent use of a battery tender after each ride. I guess it's time to step up to a Lithium model.

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Ennis, TX
Lasted 2 years

Like my title states , I got 2 years use, better than the other reviews that I have just read. I think the difference being is that if I knew I wasn't going to ride for a couple of weeks I would plug in battery minder . Still even with all that it let me down stranded at the worst time and place . Luckily two good ol boys happened by and pushed started me

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