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Ground Loop Isolators
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Does your MP3 player, Satellite Radio or portable CD player have noise through the stereo that did not previously exist? The Ground Loop Isolator is designed to remove hiss and alternator whine from audio signals and available in Universal or for Honda GL1800 as a Direct Connect.

Available in 2 ways, either Honda GL1800 Gold Wing Direct Connect that plugs into the OEM wiring harness eliminating one cable OR Universal with 3.5mm connectors on each end (one male and one female). 

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Neenah, WI
Ground Loop Isolators by Electrical Connection

Got a no-name ground loop isolator which help reducing the hiss/whine for a few year. Then it failed. The hissing and whining came back.

Bought this product and plug it in. It does not eliminate hissing/whining completely. Al low speed I can still hear whining but the noises improves at highway speed. I am don't need to turn off intercom.

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Millbury , MA
Worked for a few years - then lost one side

I purchased this back in 2011 and it worked for several years but last year ( fall ) I lost the sound out of one side ( right ) speaker. I took my faring apart to get to the speaker, believing that the speaker had failed. determined that the speaker was fine and worked my way back to the Ground Loop Isolation. Took it out of out of the path and sound was then find ( Stereo ) but the wine is back due to the lack of the unit. I give it 4 starts because it does what it says and does it well ... I just wish it worked longer.

I will be purchasing a new one for this riding year!

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Chesapeake, VA
Ground Loop Isolator

I had the same issue as Koot did with the very quiet right speakers. Engine noise is completely gone which is why I gave it 4 stars. Just have to figure out what the other issue is.

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ground loop isolators

Can anyone tell me where does the 1800 03207 one plug into

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Calgary , CA
Replacement GLI for GL1800

GLI - Ground Loop Isolator update. See previous post.
Wingstuff/Cyclegiant was quick to react to my concern about the defective GLI. MONO sound not STEREO. I just receivbed the replacement part and it works just fine on my headset/GL1800 speakers. It took the old one a part and found that the manufacturer did not solder the white wires to one of the isolator coils, thus the MONO sound. Obviously the QC was non-existent.

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