Chrome Heel Toe Shifter Kit

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Chrome Heel Toe Shifter Kit
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Show Chrome GL1800 Honda Gold Wing Heel Toe Chrome Shifter Kit increases ability to shift comfortably and is designed to provide smooth shifting as well as adding a custom look.

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Pearland, TX

It's easy to install this nice looking heel toe shifter in 15 minutes if you have these simple tools: a 5 and 6 mm allen wrench, a 13 mm ratchet wrench, a vice grip and a very small phillips screw driver. You will need the phillips to help pry off the rubber grip on the shift lever (you put it back on later). The 6 mm screw heads that hold the foot peg need to be removed but they're quite tight, so use the vice grip on the allen wrench to increase your loosening torque. The replacement screws are longer and have 5 mm heads. The instructions are easy to follow but not exactly correct as it mentions inserting a screw at the pivot point when there's a 13 mm nut that goes on a bolt. Don't use thread locker unless you like this shifter. It's easier to install it if the bike is on its center stand. The shifter attaches to the foot peg, which does not move the peg position in any way. So where the attachments are, moving from the bike frame on out, you have the frame, foot peg mount, then heel toe shifter and the 2 screws holding them all together.

Advantages: 1) There is limited space between the shift lever and the foot peg. Thick boots won't fit well there making it difficult to upshift. A heel toe shifter should make this easier. 2) Unlike some other heel toe shifters, after installation, you still have easy access to the left side engine cover. 3) The price is reasonable, installation easy.

Disadvantages: 1) The space between the toe and heel pedals is too great and my foot (size 7.5 shoe) can't touch both at the same time. Thus, I can't just flex or extend my ankle to shift. I have to slide the foot forward to downshift and backwards to upshift. 2) Due to the reduced leverage with this shifter, you have to press the heel pedal quite hard to upshift. When accelerating from a stop, I frequently found myself shifting into neutral or not upshifting at all. Upshifting is therefore more difficult and awkward. 3) You lose some territory on and around the stock foot peg due to the shifter being next to it and that can decrease rider comfort. 4) When parking the bike and putting down the kickstand, it's easy to hit the heel pedal and accidentally shift into second gear.

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Parkville, MO

I like the look better than other brands. Also does not implement an additional toe peg, which is not necessary. Found the heel lever to be too low. Kept missing 2nd gear. Had to add an extension piece of metal to raise up an inch and now works great. Does wind up being too close to the kickstand and every time I try to put the kickstand down I kick it into 2nd gear from neutral and it kills the bike. Reccommend the kickstand extender with this product.

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Copperas Cove, TX

I have the same set up as the picture. Shifting was a pain with the driver railboards until I got the heel-toe shifter. Well worth it.

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Federal Way, WA

Very easy to install. Little to close with factory pegs...may be need to change pegs....

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