Comfort Package Rear Chrome Lower Cowl Set

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Comfort Package Rear Chrome Lower Cowl Set
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GL1800 Accessory - Chrome Steel Rear Side Cowls for 2006+ Newer Comfort Package Gold Wing Motorcycles. Replaces OEM gray panels with brilliant chrome, giving an awesome chrome look. Chrome Rear Lower Cowl for the 2006 and newer GL1800 Gold Wing with the comfort package. These decorative chromed steel exhaust cowls are designed to replace the OEM painted cowls with toe warmer vents.  The cowls are as rugged as they are attractive and easily install with the existing hardware.

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Lititz, PA
Still Going

It's been about 5 years since I installed this and as I said the one side was a bugger to get on, but after 5 years it's still looking brand new!

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The right side install did try my patience. Probably took me over an hour to put the right side on. I had to push, pull, and squeeze the rear to get the tabs to line up. Once the rear was in place, the front went on pretty easy. Then had to pull upward to get the bolt/studs to fit through the holes.
The left side went on much easier.

I had my bike up on a lift (4 ft) while installing. It is probably a lot tougher to line up all the tabs and then pull up enough to get the bolts to line up if the bike is on the ground.

I had to adjust the vents. Very easy process: right by the oil filter you will see the cables that operate the vents. Back off the jam nut and turn the aluminum adjustor to adjust each side (Note: there are two vents and one lever... you have to adjust them to work together to have full travel of actuator lever and to have the vents open & close together). Tighten the jam nuts when finished.

The chrome looks to be very good quality and they look very nice on the bike.

3 Stars because the install was much tougher than the OEM parts. If you take your time and have enough patience, you can do this.

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Lititz, PA
Rear Lower Cowl

Bad product. Curvature was off at the muffler end. Brackets on one side were off and had to bend and twist to get to attach to bike. Bolt holes were off. What should have taken maybe one hour to install took over three hours of bending, twisting, hammering to get to "fit".

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Woodstock, GA

JUNK, I had the Honda shop install and they could not get them to fit properly. Vent will not close.

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Wylie, TX

Agree w/ many that the quality, higher degree of diffculty install, and fit leave much to be desired. The rubber gaskets easily come off, so watch those during the install. Also had issues adjusting the cables to obtain complete closure of vents. now the lever up top sits halfway between open-close position & doesn't feel 'locked' closed. Will likely need to remove cowl to determine if adjustments can be made at the vent hinges mechanism vs the Honda cable joint adjusts under front cowl (tightening these pulls the control lever to the middle postion). Otherwise, they do look good.

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