ISO-Grips for use w/OEM Heated Grips


ISO-Grips for use w/OEM Heated Grips
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GL1800 owners with Heated Grips can enjoy famous Kuryakyn ISO Grips without losing heat. Clamshell design attaches over stock heated grips allowing heat to come thru. Optional Extended Style Throttle Boss is designed to fit these grips and shown as Related Product below, standard throtlle boss will not fit.

Fitment Information:

6183 Fits 2006 & Up GL1800 & F6B 2013 & Up with OEM heated grips. Accepts all Kuryakyn grip end accessories (except for throttle bosses; only accepts P/N 6242 & 6310)

Suggest smooth accent rings for installation of all other accessories. Not suggested for use with P/N 7436 adjustable levers.

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Dave Pete
Providence, UT
I'm happy

Not the easiest install but hang in there and be patient. The rubber is pretty pliable and can be a little hard to get the front side chrome piece to engage the inside piece. I used a flat tip screw driver to get the rubber to protrude through the openings in the chrome piece. I also used zip ties between the protruding rubber to help the two chrome pieces to engage.

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No Compatible with 2018 Gold Wing

I had to return mine. This model is no compatible with 2018 Gold Wing.

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Prescott, AZ
Fatter than I like

but, the OEM grips are too skinny. My '18 Wing has 5 heat settings; I tried the "4" setting and the grips got nice and warm. "5" should be fine in really cool weather here in the Arizona mountains.
A bit of a pain to install, but perseverance helps.

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Marianna, FL
Heated Grips are slow to Heat

I posted earlier and now have had the chance to ride in the cold. It was 34 yesterday and the grips never got hot. I rode for two hours and when I took my gloves off the grips were a little warm.

Overall I am pleased with the look and feel of the grips. The heat would gave been a bonus but since I live in Florida are not mandatory. The throttle boss is great as I ride with a group many times and the cruise doesn’t always line up with the lead bike.

Ride Safe!

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Marianna, FL
Easy Install

Got a set for Christmas from my wife. Took about an hour to install following the directions. I used a pair of channel lock pliers with a cloth to snap the halves together once I tightened the cap screws. I added the throttle boss and I’m ready to ride. I live in Florida so the heat is not as important but will repost when I try the heat. Safe riding!

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  • GL1800 2006-2017
  • GL1800 Trike 2006-2017
  • F6B 2013-2017
  • Gold Wing (Non-Tour) 2018-2019
  • Gold Wing Tour 2018-2019