iPod/iPhone Music Interface Module for GL1800 1st Gen

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iPod/iPhone Music Interface Module for GL1800 1st Gen
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This module uses your handlebar controls for the CD changer to change songs and playlists. Acts as a ‘translator’ to convert Honda audio signals to ones the iPod can understand.

All new design. The module has been updated to allow you to use your USB to iPod cable specific to your device (not included). Works with both the older ‘bottom dock’ and the newer ‘Lighting’ connectors.

Works with ALL iPhone and iPod equipped with ‘bottom dock’ or ‘Lighting’ connectors.

Note: Due to limitations on the bike itself (not device related), the bikes radio will not display artist/title information. It will only show disc/track/time. This will be the case with any manufacturer of any iPod adaptor.

Works with 2001-2010 Honda GL1800.

22 Member Reviews

worse purchase ever

Hasnt worked since day 1....electrical connection the seller of this product has no customer service at all.best to avoid electrical connection products.

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South Jordan, UT

I am not that good with electrical items; I bought GL1800 Accessory Electrical Connection iPod Interface from wingstuff. I have an older ipod 30 gig. I installed the interface and was on a trip when my ipod froze, it wouldn’t do anything, could not shut it off so I just had to leave it, after an hour the screen was blank so I turned it back on and listen to some more music, then it did it again, it froze, not sure what to make of it but don’t know if I want to plug it back into the interface I bought.

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Big Ken
San Diego, CA

This product works great. Had to take the seat off and a couple of side panels to run the power wire (optional hook up if you want the ipod to charge) but other than that an easy install. Gave me chance to get in and do some deep cleaning anyway. It sounds great. So much cleaner than the radio, and loud. Be sure to turn up the volume on the ipod though. The second time I used it I could not turn up the stereo volume, found the ipod volume set to low! Great product.

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I have used this item for a few seasons now with out any issues. I tethered a cap using a piece of velcro to protect the port when not in use and from inclement weather. My only issue is I have recently upgraded to a ITouch from a Classic and this unit will NOT charge the ITouch but will play the music. I hope they will correct this in an updated version as the ITouch was not out when this product made it debut. Sound quality is excellent and a must have for those long trips.

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Just removed adapter kit # 2 since Nov/08. When these work, they are excellent. However I feel they are not designed properly as the electronic circuit box is poorly made (loose ends, no weather sealing). Both times mine died, it was after riding in the rain... they need a more robust design. Don't waste your money on this until they redesign.

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