Stop & Go Tubeless Repair Kit

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Stop & Go Tubeless Repair Kit
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Professional Tubeless Tire Repair Kit allows repair of puncture damage while tire remains on rim. This is by far the best emergency on the road tire repair kit that Really Works!

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must have

I have used this on goldwing,car,truck,lawn tractor, it worked flawlessly every time

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Pasadena, TX
A Let Me Down

I have had to use this plug setup 2 times on my pickup and it worked great... Then on a trip I got a rear flat on the bike and I though okay no big problem. Got everything setup to use and went to use the plug but I could not get the plug to go through regardless of how I held my mouth. The plug stuck in the shoot and I could not get it out but luck was smiling on us, a person coming by afford to help and he had a plug kit just like mine. His worked and we finish the last 450 miles with no problem. I am contemplating about buying another one and a new rear tire. Will be caring the old plug style for a backup.

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Sydney, AU
The best tyre repair kit of all

I had the chance to help a friend out a few months ago when he came over to show me his new bike when I notested there was Philips head screw in his back tyre.. After removing it the tyre started to loose air so I went to work on it with my Stop & Go Tubeless repair kit which worked just like the instruction said it would.. It worked so good the plug was still in when he changed the tyre a few weeks go when the canvas was starting to show on the side of the tyre...

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Leeds, AL
Stop N Go

Followed the directions to a tee and could never get this contraption to work right. Almost impossible to squeeze the plugs through the gun no matter what I did! Waste of money!

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had a small nail in my rear tire as there wasnt an air loss. I order this kit and waited for it to come in the mail. When the kit arrived I removed the nail and did the steps as outlined in the booklet. The plug did not seal the tire. The nail was in the middle of the tire

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