Trunk Light Reconfiguration Harness for GL1800

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Trunk Light Reconfiguration Harness for GL1800
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This highly requested Plug & Play Kit for GL1800 Gold Wing takes your outside light on your GL1800 trunk and makes them turn signals leaving the inside lights as brake. Gives you an additional visible turn signal when towing most trailers. Completely plug and play and easily reversible. Check your local laws regarding both a red and amber turn signal on the rear of your bike (pair).

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Millbury , MA
product does not match

I finally got the time to install this and it all went as planned until I went to make the final connection for the Yellow and Brown wires... it turns out these both have a female "butt" connector - and the photo shows the red wire on the two harnesses having a male and female butt connectors that I assume you would separate and connect the yellow and brown leads to... well my red wire is a solid wire - no connectors - so no place to install the blinker signal. so either I got the wrong parts shipped to me or someone forgot to cut the red wire and install the mail butt connector... either way - the product does not work without cutting wires and installing two male but connectors, at least in my case.

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Chula Vista, CA
AWESOME safety addition

Added this to my 05 Wing and like the results. Think Honda should have designed them this way to start. Only negative was the set I received was not made correctly and I had to cut the red wire and only noticed it after looking at the picture. EASY install after figureing out all of Honda's screws and clips. WOULD recommend!

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Calgary, Alberta, CA
Another home run by Electrical Connections!

I got this kit the other day from our friends at WingStuff and it is very easy to install. It does what it says it does and even though I do not tow a trailer, I like the addition of the turn signals flashing higher up (trunk light on corner) along with the flashing turn signal on the lower part of the saddlebags. Again it is something that frankly should be OEM. Time to install, 1 hour (included cleaning the bulbs as they were quite dirty and that increased brightness. For your safety, highly recommended!

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Albion, IN

Very happy with the product. Install was easy and very straight forward.

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York, PA

2001-2005 - converts the outside light on your trunk into turn signals leaving the inside light as a brake light.
2006-up - adds turn signal to the unused inside bright filiment.

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