Intercom Noise Eliminator Kit

Mic Mutes

Intercom Noise Eliminator Kit
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What is Mic-Mutes?, Adds control to remove dreaded background wind & road noise when there is no intercom conversation. Mic-Mutes gives both the Rider and Passenger (ON-OFF) or (OFF-ON) toggle control of both microphones. Have a CB Installed and already have a Passenger Push To Talk (PTT) button on your bike?, Then you just need the Standard Kit. If you Do Not have a Passenger Push To Talk Switch (PTT) you must purchase the Kit that Includes a PTT Push to Talk Switch so your passenger can operate the Mic Mute.

Mic-Mutes connects to both rider and passenger headsets, and though the use of the CB transmit and/or passenger PTT switch, will toggle both rider and passengers microphones on or off. The purpose of this is to be able to turn the mics off to reduce the wind/road noise that the mics pick up, especially at higher speeds. There is also a version that fits the GL1500 Gold Wing.

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Portland, OR
Works as advertised

Easy install if you read the instructions. Eliminates the wind noise whenever it is activated but not the inherent GL1800 intercom hiss (which you can still hear at slow speeds or in the driveway).
Not sure why it wouldn't have been easier to turn the whole intercom system on and off instead of just the mics but I'm not really complaining because it works.

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Bismarck, ND
Easy to install and works as expected

Was real easy to install great directions included. Very glad I installed this item, eliminates all the wind noise and when my wife and need to talk it's easy for either of us to turn the mic on or off...

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Casa Grande, AZ
Silences wind and traffic noise

We've always been annoyed by the amount of noise picked up by the mics when the intercom is on. We like having the intercom, but it's frustrating to leave it on. This kit has solved most of that. It works well and is easy to use, except that it's a little tricky to get the button press to work. Installation was a major effort because the top shelter had to be removed to get to the connection that was supposed to be under the left fairing pocket. This kit does not silence the conductive pickup that plagues the Gold Wing intercom.

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Works great when the wife is back seat driving! LMAO! If you have the CB on everyone on the same channel knows when we are talking and when I have muted the wife. Can be a fun item to have if your wife has a lic. and does the back seat driving or giving you direction when you don't want to go that way.

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Adelaide, AU

The assembly quality is a little disappointing. The box is not sealed properly and the inside seems to be a bit too big for the lid to be closed properly. Water and electronics do not mix so this had to be fixed. I used a bit of silicone around the lid and also placed it inside a strong clear plastic bag and cable-tied the opening around the wires. It was easy to install using the provided instructions and without a glitch. Cables are long enough to allow them to be tied neatly to the existing wiring harness. This product really works great! Finally I have a use for the PTT handlebar button (I don’t have a CB radio). My wife loves it – no more complaints about irritating road, wind and engine noise picked up by the always-on mic. I’ve been using this on several day trips over the last month and I am very happy with the results. I highly recommend this product if you want to have a more relaxing ride – you get a lot less complaining from the pillion. Only time will tell about the endurance of this product. I’m still giving it 5 stars despite the assembly issue if you take the price into account.

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  • GL1800 2001-2017
  • GL1500 1988-2000