CB Antenna for J&M Handlebar CB/Intercom Audio


CB Antenna for J&M Handlebar CB/Intercom Audio
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License Plate Mount CB Antenna for J&M Handlebar CB/Intercom Audio System JMCB2003DU or JMCB2003SL. Includes black mount bracket, top-loaded antenna w/dust cover, mount stud, frame attachment, ground strap, connection cable and hardware.

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Clinton, AR

Installed the 2 ft model onto our PC800 Honda. Had to change twist angle a bit to mount across the bottom of the Givi E36 Mount. Counter sunk the screw heads from the top of the rack floor for clearance of the E36 bottom itself. Cut the ground strap back to aproximately 6 " and grounded it right back to the rack itself. That rack made for a great ground plane!Set SWR using my MFJ-269B analyzer, low SWR out of the box in this installation was @ 26.560 Mhz. I cut 3/8" from antenna, SWR center (peak low)moved to 27.055 which gave me 1.3 to 1 @ 26.965 Mhz(Channel 1) and 1.8 to 1 @ 27.185Mhz (Channel 19). Found no problem with a txmit power cut back from J&M CB2003, transmits on both settings high and low power.

FYI: If your not a Ham Radio operator yourself, but know one (?) ask them to help you with their MFJ Analyzer to set your SWR...it's one of the easiest and best ways to set your installation up!

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Grand Prairie, TX

Installed this on the wife's new VTX (see profile pic). 4 stars cause by the time you put it on the rear license plate mount, the ground wire provided is likely not going to reach any groundable surface (i.e. it's too short). The angle of the antenna from that point puts it about a foot behind the trailing edge of the rear fender. I'm going to re-locate it. It does work however. I grounded it to a muffler mount under the saddle bag. We did a 350 mile trip with friends last week and she heard and communicated with the rest of us (all on wings) fine with the J&M system.

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Edmonton, Alberta, CA

Had to adjust the twist to get a similar angle to the radio antenna on a GL1100. With this antenna (2 ft), the radio would not transmit on high power at all and was intermittent on low power. J&M would only respond with "What is the SWR at?" Instructions for using an SWR meter should be included, along with the availability of a basic SWR meter for sale on the site as a related product. I ended up throwing this antenna in the corner and installing a "Ground Zero" antenna, with great results. Don't buy this antenna unless you also have an SWR meter and know how to use it.

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Warrenton, VA

Installed on a 07' Shadow Aero 750. The J&M Antenna License Plate bracket twist angle was no where near even close to allowing the CB antenna to be installed fully vertical. Had the use a vise and grips to increase the "twist" in the bracket to compensate, but that wasn't really too difficult at all. Running the CB antenna cable and ground cable presented a challenge, because there is no place to feed it through the back light assembly of the Aero 750 and with the PL259 Connector "pre-attached" to the CB Antenna cable, you have to drill almost a 1" hole into the back fender just below the back light assembly to feed the cables through and run the wiring up the inside fender framing, then up to where the PL259 connector will meet with the connector on the CB Unit wiring harness. Fortunately, that hole will be hidden by the license plate. Could have got away with a much small hole if the if the CB Antenna PL259 Connector was not already affixed to the RG59 coax cable. May not be an issue with other bikes. In hindsight, I should have cut the PL259 connector off, drilled a smaller hole through the fender, and installed a new PL259 connector on the antenna cable. I'll have to put some form of rubber grommet around the cables where they feed through the hole in the fender. Haven't tried to tune it yet (since it doesn't have an adjustable brass tuning tip like the Firesticks), but will.

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After some modifications, as indicated in the directions, and a self defined relocation, this mount works great. You need to have it tuned in with a SWR meter. I don’t have one so, I still need to hit a radio shop for that one.

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