Z-Style Lower Cord w/Volume Control


Z-Style Lower Cord w/Volume Control
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Heavy-Duty Z-Series 8-pin lower-section hook-up cord with in-line Volume Control, is to be used with all J&M Elite Series headsets HS-ECD584, HS-ICD584, HS-ECD477, HS-ICD477, HS-ECD374, HS-ECD271 and HS-ECD269 for connection to 1980 and later Honda and J&M 5-pin audio systems.

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Kokomo , IN
Use it for the rider that prefers the lower volume

My other half has sensitive ears and needs lower volume. Let the rider needing that use this because it can not increase levels over the bike system setting (only lowers it). I crank up my rock n roll and she tweaks it down to a comfortable level... This is the cord to get instead of their plain cord. Big kudos for Wingstuff, they sent this overnight at no charge after order was delayed for another item.

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Manassas, VA
A must have for 2 up riding

I tend to get a little enthusiastic with my music volume and my passenger often times doesn't share my enthusiasm so she likes the volume a bit lower. This does the trick. VERY tight fit to the cycle, so I always disconnect from the helmet end and just leave them attached to the cycle. Have had it on for 3.5 years without any problems. A great addition.

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vashon, WA
a must have for 2 riders

Buy two. you won't regret it. I unplug from the helmet end. hard to fit the male end into the bike but once aligned and inserted its great to have..

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wing ryder
The Space Coast, FL
volume control

Here's a hint for those who are trying to raise the volume for their riders; raise the bike's volume to a level that makes your rider happy then use the volume control cord on your helmet in order to lower the volume in your headset.

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Steve A.
Barksdale, TX
Use on Front Rider

I have the J&M passenger volume / CB mic controller. So I bought this inline cord to use on the front so I can turn down the volume in my helmet without affecting the volume in the rear for my wife. She needs a higher volume setting than I do due to some eardrum issues.

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