EC Foglight Kit for 2018+ Gold Wing

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EC Foglight Kit for 2018+ Gold Wing
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EC presents their Foglight kit for the 2018+ Honda Goldwing / Tour.  Check these industry-leading features:

  • 1220 lumens each powered by 3 Japanese LEDs.  Not made in China!
  • available in white (5500k) or amber (3000k) light.  Amber will cut through the fog and creates a distinctive lighting triangle.  EC exclusive!
  • blacked out face seamlessly blends into the cowl.  EC exclusive!
  • high impact & UV-resistant polycarbonate lens
  • powder-coated cast aluminum housing & heat sink
  • computer designed photo metrics for a crisp, flat light
  • US made laser cut stainless brackets are fully adjustable up/down and left/right to allow perfect alignment behind your cowl so your lights are centered.  EC exclusive!
  • beam tilt is easily adjusted
  • US made oem style switch with laser engraved indicator
  • US made plug & play wiring
  • US made rubber trim to perfectly finish out the cowl cutout
  • meet & exceed all SAE, DOT, and ECE regulations

Why don’t we add features like DRL or turn signal functions in our driving lights?  Space.  When you add extra features in such a small housing, you compromise the main function.  We are all about giving you the best lights for your money.  And we do that by focusing on function and not frills.  Besides, when the main illumination is on, DRL and turn signals are not visible.

Want to see how we stack up against the others?  Info based on competitor websites as of 1/25/19

2 Member Reviews

Charleston, SC
Great lights

Just finished installing these fog lights. I found that the parts and features of the kit were as advertised; high quality with multiple adjustments so you can dial in the beam for optimal visibility. Printing down the instructions from the website and watching the you tube video made the installation straight forward although gaining access to install the activation button made me nervous of breaking various tabs of the “Tupperware.” Rechecking the video and instructions got me through without doing any damage. Highly recommend this product for increased safety!

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torquay, AU
Great lights

Fitted the kit in under an hour very easy spent some time getting the adjust just right and these lights are FANTASTIC 5 Stars +++++

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