Upper Trunk Lid Organizer for 2018+ Gold Wing Tour


Upper Trunk Lid Organizer for 2018+ Gold Wing Tour
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WingStuff Exclusive Product - Deluxe Trunk Lid Organizer for 2018+ Gold Wing Tour allows you to put assorted items in your trunk neatly and well organized. Features two large center pockets, and two taller side pockets with velcro closure across top pocket flaps. Includes screws, tabs, and push pins to make installation super easy. Installs in minutes.


1 - Upper Trunk Lid Organizer

6 - 5mm screws

6 - Push pins

6 - Tabs

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Lake Grove, NY
Wingstuff Customer Service is Fantastic

I previously reviewed this item, and I mentioned that one of the connecting tabs broke while I screwed it into the top of the trunk. The rest of the product is very good and functional, but I wanted to make any future purchaser aware to be careful when attaching the connecting tabs. Wingstuff reached out to me within 1 day of my review, and instead of offering me a replacement part (the broken connecting tab), they offered to ship a brand new replacement of the entire item (organizer, tabs, hardware, etc) at no charge. Several days later, I received the replacement item, and I installed the replacement connecting tab, and now the organizer functions perfectly. Big thank you to WingStuff; You did the right thing, and this is why I've been a customer for the past 4 years. You have earned my future business, and I just wanted to share this great customer service story with other potential customers. This is a great company, and they stand behind their products. Once again, thank you for a great customer experience, I would give you 6 Stars if available.

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Lake Grove, NY
The Connecting Tabs are Very Fragile.

The organizer fits well under the top of the rear trunk, and it does not obstruct the interior trunk light (if you installed that option ).
However, the connecting tabs are Very fragile.... Made of cheap plastic-like material. When I screwed one of them into the top of the trunk, the screw head penetrated the tab and fractured it, rendering it useless. I sent an email to Wingstuff asking for an additional replacement tab. Be careful when you screw the tabs into the top of the trunk, you can easily break them. This is supposed to be a strong connector system, but I am not impressed with the quality of the tabs. The organizer itself is good, and the compartments are a good size to store tire pressure gauges, other small items, etc. They should make the tabs out of an aluminum product, or some other light metallic component.

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