Passenger Armrests w/ Drink Holder Port

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Passenger Armrests w/ Drink Holder Port
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Keeping your important passenger comfortable is the key to a long and enjoyable ride. With the Goldstrike™ Passenger Armrests that won't be a problem. The exclusive accessory port allows you to add a convenient drink holder to keep your thirst at bay. Includes drink holder mounting adapter to be used with Goldstrike Part #'s 58007 or 58003.

  • Sold as a pair
  • Easy installation with only a screwdriver
  • Requires no permanent modification to your motorcycle
  • Made from soft-touch, durable rubber with a rigid aluminum frame
  • Features an accessory port on both sides
  • Accessory adapter pivots so your drink stays level when opening the trunk
  • Works great with Goldstrike™ P/N 58007
  • Patent Pending

*Drink Holder not included

3 Member Reviews

Ottawa, KS
Nice armrests

It took me about 30 minutes from start to finish. They are big enough for a passenger but they don't get in the way when getting on or off. I would recommend and one of the most reasonable prices ones out too.

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Lake Grove, NY
UPDATE to my previous review

Several days after I posted my review of this product, I received an email from the manufacturer. The email confirmed the issue that I previously wrote about, and they offered a solution that turned out to work very well.
The manufacturer suggested that I put several rubber O-Rings onto the shaft of the adapter for the cupholder to create some friction. I wanted to give you an update on the O-ring "solution" that they provided for me. I went to Home Depot, and since I wasn't sure which size O-ring to purchase, I purchased 3 different sizes. The one that worked perfectly was Size #9. The manufacturer is DANCO. The Part number is 96726. It is a #9 O-Ring, and the dimensions are 5/8"O.D. x 7/16" I.D. x 3/32" The SKU # for the product (UPC Bar Code Number) is 3715596726 I put 5 of the O-Rings on the indented part of the shaft of the adapter that goes into the armrest. It fit inside perfectly, and none of the O-rings are visible with the adapter installed. It provides more than sufficient friction to prevent the Regular size cup (that is the one I have) from spinning upside down anymore. It also allows me to turn it as I open the trunk (I just have to remember to do that every time). I told the manufacturer that they should INCLUDE those O-Rings with the product for future customers, along with instructions on how to use them. I hope this helps any potential purchaser of this product. The O-rings made it fully functional for me.

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Lake Grove, NY
Very Easy to Install. Very Sturdy, but not designed well...

This is a very sturdy product, and it perfectly follows the natural contours of the rear passenger's arms for a very comfortable and secure ride. It literally took me less than 5 minutes (each side) to install, and the instructions were VERY detailed, including photos of each step. You only need a Phillips head screwdriver for the entire install. The only thing that I would recommend would be to use a locking washer instead of the regular washers they provide. This would keep constant tension on the screws and prevent the armrests from ever getting loose. They look great on the bike (my opinion), and they are very functional, soft, and well made. Here is the only issue, but it is a BIG one; I also purchased the drink cup holder from the same manufacturer, and it installs into a hole on the side of the armrest. The adapter that holds the cup holder into the hole of the armrest is designed to allow the cup holder to spin when you open the rear trunk (so your drink doesn't spill....). I purchased the regular size drink holder, not the "big ass" (that's what it's called) one that they sell. I use a 20oz thermos, and it sits too high in the cup holder, and it spins upside down when you open the trunk (it doesn't automatically adjust the vertical position of the cup holder), and it also naturally spins the cup upside down if you brake hard. The cup won't fall out because of the rubberized material, but if you are not using a sealed thermos type of container, your drink (HOT coffee) WILL spill all over you AND your bike !! I did not purchase the "big ass" cup holder because it looks way too big and I wanted to preserve the sporty look of my 2018 Goldwing. The adapter NEEDS to be modified by the manufacturer so that it doesn't spin as easily as it does (and it STILL doesn't keep the drink upright if you open the trunk in it's current form anyway! ) You actually have to hold your drink WHILE you open the rear trunk to keep the drink rightside up. Anyway, Good idea, but bad execution. Needs to have the adapter MUCH tighter. I am debating on whether to return this, but I like the armrest feature; the issue is with the loose spinning of the adapter. FIX THIS !!

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