Smart Mount Phone & GPS Holder

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Smart Mount Phone & GPS Holder
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Big Bike Parts introduces its popular Smart Mount™ cell phone/GPS mounts for fitment to Gold Wing handlebars. The expandable smart phone/GPS mount will easily accept units up to 3 ½’’ wide. A rubber gripped back and foam side tabs hold devices securely in place. Snaps into a handlebar receiver that fits GL1800 and 2018 Gold Wing face clamps. Once installed, the cell phone holder easily snaps into the receiver mount for easy use. Fits all face clamps up to 32-40mm on center.

GPS/PHONE HANDLEBAR MOUNT, Gold Wing Face Clamps, 32-40mm Hole Spacing

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Cape Cod, MA
Smart Mount Phone & GPS Holder

I purchased this for my recently acquired 2004 Gold Wing because it looked nice & well built. I thought $60 bucks was pricey for this but if it would protect my new $1k Samsung Smartphone from Damage while riding it was worth it. I followed the easy install instructions and to my total disappointment (2nd attempt at finding a suitable phone holder that actually works} discovered that not only did the locking feature of the phone holder not hold the phone securely---it wouldn't lock in at all!!!! I like the mounting system itself but the phone-GPS attachment is junk and needs to be re-engineered. I will keep the mount and see if Wing -Stuff will send me a cup holder instead. Don't waste your money on the phone holder part...

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