LED Marker Lights Amber for 2018 Gold Wing

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LED Marker Lights Amber for 2018 Gold Wing
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Increase being seen and safety with Big Bike Parts® latest Dual Function Marker Lights for the 2018 GL1800 Goldwing. These truly outstanding LED Marker Lights with today’s brightest 24 SMD LED’s replace the OEM reflectors. Available in either Red (BB52-923R available under Recommended Products on this page) or Amber LED’s with clear lenses to match the front mirror turnsignals for a coordinated OEM look. The LED assemblies are sealed for all weather protection and come with embedded bolt, locating pin and double sided tape to insure a secure fit. Includes full instructions and all required t-taps and spade connectors for a convenient install. Reflective backer used around LED’s to maximize candela output. Sold as either pair of Red (BB52-923R available under Recommended Products on this page) or Amber Reflective Marker Lights.

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Instructions, connectors, and turn function

1. I see they've fixed the instructions, but on my set of front and rears, they had the instructions reversed for identifying the color of the OEM running and turn wires. This caused me an unbelievable amount of time trying to figure out what I was doing wrong until I tried reversing wires. It's obviously they never gate a prototype to someone not involved with the project for a test install. Pretty unforgivable.

2. The spade connectors they provide make a lousy connection to the OEM wires. The wires are just to thin for the use of these things. I'd suggest positaps or something else. Besides tearing my hair out because of the bad instructions, I had to remove all 12 spade connectors and wire twist heat shrink everything.

3. The blinking function is barely noticeable.

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San Jose, CA
total loss of "reflector" when off

I am disappointed that the amber reflector for being parked is gone. There is a reason these are reflectors and it is not just because the bike is in operation at the time. I will need to look for other side lighting options.

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